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i got pregnant with my 1st when i was 17 and was pregnant most of my senior yr of high school. I come from a conservative, religious family, so telling my parents was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do, esp. my dad. I knew how my mom would react so i was ready for it, but I had no idea how my dad was going to react. It did break his heart, he didn't talk to me for days. Then he got a job overseas and left when i was 2 months along (supposedly so he didn't have...
I just got my BFP on friday. This will be our 4th and last. My other kids are: DS (almost) 8y, DD1 3.5y, and DD2 - 2y 
I'm so glad I saw this thread! I am 26 and have 3 kids ( DS 7.5, DD 3.5, DD 2) and I kind of want one more..and I just may get it. DH (29) has said several times that he is done and doesn't want anymore. But last week he didn't pull out, so I have one more week to wait to find out. I am super fertile, and was pregnant with both my girls on the first try. We've always used the withdrawal method (and NFP) the 7 years we've been together and it has worked for us. So I'm a...
I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads Challenge!”   
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