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That sucks, and you are NOT being stupid.  At the same time, I was SURE I saw boy parts at the ultrasound with my first.  And that was the 20-week anatomy scan.  I was just SURE.  And she's all girl!   It really is early and you really DON'T know, even if you think you do.  Keep it secret, because you may be more surprised than you think!
I've been having BH contractions since like 10ish weeks.  I've had a bunch of them that I've noticed today (17 weeks tomorrow).  This is my 2nd pregnancy.  I'm not worried and I worry about everything.  I think you're fine!
I bled SO much from sex last pregnancy too! So far this one I've been ok but I'm waiting for it to start. It's so scary!!! I'm so glad all is well!
Whoops, phone is glitching out! We are still discussing names, I think we won't decide till baby is born, especially cause we won't be finding out boy or girl!
SO gorgeous everyone!   Seastars - yes, tons of big movements here! Hard kicks and big flips.  I keep thinking DH or I will be able to feel from the outside but as is typical, babe stops moving when we are hands-on and waiting :)
Just watched a huge owl fly by outside my window and thought of you and your sweet boy!
Super dry, super itchy skin here, too.  Happened last time, too.
Oh Cara! I am overwhelmed with joy for you.  What fabulous news and what a beautiful boy!
I get BAD anxiety in pregnancy too, especially the first trimester.  Leveling out now at 16+ weeks.  Lots of vitamin D and fish oil.  Oh, and it's easier this time around cause I remember it from my last pregnancy so I know what it is and that it'll go away.  Last time it was like 90% better at 17 weeks.  That's Easter!   Wow, Inna, can't believe your nursery will be finished tonight!  Post pics please!  We won't have a nursery or anything like that, we didn't with the...
New Posts  All Forums: