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I think each pregnancy is a kind of "re-death" of our old selves, a new and very concrete barrier between us and the carefree young girls we once were.  However worry-free and fun-filled our lives ACTUALLY were (of course, memory doesn't tend to serve us with realistic images of our pre-kid lives), it feels that much farther away with each kid.  I don't think there's ANY deeply rewarding thing - and I mean the really, deeply significant things: marriage, kids, moving,...
Tamara, that's all so exciting, where will you be moving to?? So sorry about the stupid heel spur :(
I make curried lentil soup all the time and always, always, always add a can of coconut milk at the end.  It's beyond belief!   Also a great salad dressing is 1 tbsp shallot, 1 tbsp fresh ginger, 5 tbsp olive oil, then apple cider vinegar, tamari, and a couple tbsps of tahini if you want to make it creamy :) My 2-year-old SCARFS salad when this is on it!
LineUponLine - That SUCKS about your dad. Changing your number was very, very wise.  It's healthy to become unreachable to those people who poison our lives.  I have done the same thing with old "friends" and one particular ex (I'm didn't quit facebook for nothing!) and it makes life so much more livable.  I have extreme anxiety and a history of depression, and a buttload of each (plus a healthy dose of schizophrenia, too!) in my family.  Pregnancy makes me MUCH more...
Inna, I just joined yogaglo.com and I LOVE it.  I don't do it nearly enough but I really, really love having the option of doing it at home, especially if you already have a yoga foundation and don't need too much explanation... you can do a 10- or 30-day free trial (forget which one it is) before you sign up.  Swear I don't work for them, ha.
I will be following along! I wasn't thinking of pp belly binding, though I've heard a lot about it.  But reading this is making me seriously consider it, especially if it helps with after pains!  Thanks for starting this thread.
Yes, this has been me since day 1.  The nursing on top of being pregnant exacerbates the issue, I'm sure!
Oh no, no no no, I am absolutely devastated for you and just crying here.  I'm so, so terribly sorry.  That f#$cking sucks SO bad and I am absolutely heartbroken for you.
I have heard some nightmare stories about the pain of pitocin-induced labor.  I just wanted to add that my first labor, which was 100% drug-free, felt exactly how delighted butterfly described her pit labor.  Out-of-control, mind-bending, bone-crushing pain.  High-pitched screams and back-to-back contractions and NO control over my mind or body.  It was beyond anything.  I always thought it was because my water broke first, or maybe that's just my body's way of doing...
The only time I ever had a hemorrhoid was when I took castor oil when I was almost 41 weeks with pregnancy #1.  I was desperately trying to avoid the 41-week cutoff for the birth center (I would have had to be in the hospital after that).  It was the worst!  I'm so sorry for any of you who have them!!!
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