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Yep, crazy thirsty here, too.  And I have been since like 4 weeks!
Hope Stella is feeling better!   They are pricey, but I absolutely swear by Isabella Oliver dresses.  When I was pregnant with my first I had FIVE weddings to go to, and I wore this one-shouldered blue dress that was absolutely stunning (planning on wearing it again and again this wedding season).   http://www.isabellaoliver.com/us/shop/maternity-clothes/maternity-dresses/ruched-one-shoulder-dress-dahlia-pink.htm   lilbsmama, I'm the maid of honor (I REFUSE to be the...
Oh, AD, I can only imagine how crazy making this is for you!  Is there an end in sight before the baby is born?  Or is this definitely going to be the case for your entire pregnancy?  Don't dwell on the muscle loss and what it'll take to get it back.  That part is scary but you don't actually know how you'll feel, and how rebuilding your body will feel.  It might not be anywhere near as bad as you imagine, and the anxiety about it isn't worth it (although so unfair because...
Eek! I am getting goosebumps of joy!
I felt my first at 14 weeks, and I have been feeling this one daily since before 8! Hard to believe but it's definitely there, and getting stronger every day!
Oh and Monkey, chocolate makes my stomach feel horrible too! But I still eat it because it's my only caffeine boost! Ha.
Smoked meat? Haven't heard that one - could it be concern with added nitrates? I have no idea.   I am denying myself... nothing, haha.  I mean, I'd kill for an Excedrin when I get a bad headache (almost never, phew) but I don't drink coffee or booze anyway so that part is a given.  I am not worried about eggs or raw fish... 
In the morning I am not showing, but after 2pm all bets are off.  I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in ages yesterday, and I mentioned it had been a "crazy few months," and she looked down at my belly and said "that's an understatement!" Like she didn't even ask! It was huuuuge!  I'm 12 weeks on Sunday.
Never, ever, ever "silly" to call your midwife.  You would not BELIEVE the things I've called mine about.  It's always, always, always worth it!   I hope everything is fine (I bet it is, if bump is smaller baby likely moved his/her position and is now in a more difficult spot to catch the heartbeat).  Update soon!
Crickets, what a wonderful message to receive today.   I can not stop thinking about you and what you're going through right now.  I want you to know that, while you may be facing a real diagnosis, that diagnosis still tells you so very little about what kind of person this little boy can be.  His quality of life, his potential for joy and self-sufficiency, his personality and the way he can impact your life... a DS diagnosis does not tell you any of these things.  It...
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