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11 weeks with my big girl!  
Ack, I didn't quite get my face in there, but had to keep it cause of the look on my girl's face!   11 weeks today.  
I have needed major reassurance this pregnancy, too.  I heard my daughter with the doppler at my 10-week appt and last week at 10 weeks 1 day the midwife just could not find it.  She kept saying how early it is, and how she didn't expect to find a heartbeat, and I insisted on a quick u/s.  I just HAD to see that heartbeat.  Nevermind that everything looked/felt good, and that I'm feeling movement for crying out loud.  I HAD to know that baby was ok.  Sure enough, (s)he is....
Ugh stupid scary bleeding! Sounds quite promising that all is well, but of course it's always a freakish sight to see.  Thinking of you!
 Oh nice! My DH works nights so I don't have that option, boo!
Ugh I'm so sorry ladies! I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and my nausea has been virtually nonexistent this entire time (save a few intense waves here and there, especially VERY early on, like 4-6 weeks) but today it's so bad.  I almost hurled, too, right when I was brushing my sweet girl's teeth! Bad timing! I feel so awful.  Fatigue is overwhelming today, too.  But nursing wasn't as painful, so that's something.
DH just played this for our 2-year-old daughter and I'm still bawling!   https://myspace.com/charliehopekidsmusic/music/song/new-baby-39024292-41315694
After my first trimester... yes I love it.  But up till 15ish weeks I am kind of a mess.
Eeeee! Getting goosebumps! After having my daughter I feel like I would have ten girls.  I LOVE having a little girl! So excited for you!
I have this one! But love this one too:
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