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Yes! I know I've already said this, but before I was a full-time mom, I was an early intervention specialist, and it is truly magical how CAPABLE kids are, regardless of a diagnosis which is supposed to define them.   Crickets, I only kept from weeping through that video by... oh, who am I kidding, I cried my eyes out.  
Omg. I'd be furious.  I understand the frustration with yourself, but it's the nurse's JOB to inform you VERY clearly of the cost.  I mean, she does this every day, between the two of you SHE is the one who knows, and if not her then a dr, or even someone at the front desk for crying out loud.  They deal with this every single day, it should have been VERY clear.   You are not stupid.  There is SO much to think about, it can get overwhelming, I never would have doubted...
Wait that sounds crazy good too.  Onion rings! So amazing!
Whatever pate sounds really effing delicious right now
I loved these in my last DDC and would definitely love to participate again!
Inna - yes I ran 3 miles yesterday.  Since I hit 12 weeks I've gradually been feeling better, which is SUCH a relief.  Running that half last year brought me such immeasurable joy that signing up for it doesn't feel daunting, it just... brings me more joy, I guess.  I am not setting any time goals, I want only to finish, no matter how much walking it takes :)   I hear you about the DANG cold.  We had this glorious day yesterday and now we are back to cold rain for as...
@tamaracat - My favorite breakfast ever is an entire cantaloupe blended with ice.  Oh my god, it's too good, and makes me have crazy energy, it's so wonderful!
Yesterday:   Breakfast: giant green smoothie (banana, mango, kale, water, vanilla stevia) Huge freaking hot chocolate made with an entire dark chocolate bar (the organic kind in the purple wrapper from trader joe's) Lots of dried fruit, nuts, etc I can't remember everything... Dinner we went out, I had a chevre veggie burger, greek salad, and... 2 glasses of coke.  COKE. I haven't had a soda in almost a DECADE.  But I needed it.  Like... NEEDED it. It was the most...
Kelsbot, I'm from Oakland and moved to Portland, OR 2 years ago!  I understand missing the CA weather, especially right now when the rain is just endless (I was a fool to look at the 10-day forecast. Ugh).  I visit my family every year in Feb/March/April sometime so I can get a dose of sun!
Wilhelmina, I feel the same way, my daughter really is the world's easiest 2-year-old and such a delight in every way.  The sleep thing is truly the only issue.   My girl also eats everything under the sun.  Salad, broccoli, plain seaweed, sauerkraut, she devours it all.  She's still small and skinny but her dad and I are both pretty thin, too, so I assume that's why.  The only thing she's ever spit out has been a cooked mushroom.  I'm assuming my next won't eat anything...
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