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  I thought Jasper was WAY younger than KJ, too!  God that was an intense time.  When I think back on those final weeks/days of my pregnancy it feels like I was in an alternate reality.   DH's grandmother comes home tomorrow after visiting her/our family in CA for the past MONTH.  It's been absolute heaven without her here and I've been in a gnarly funk thinking about the fact that she's gonna be here again tomorrow.  Back to dreading my trips to the kitchen, secluding...
J, we are going through the exact same thing.  A good stretch then constant wake-ups/squirming/grunting from 3 or 4am on.  KJ is also on strike from her daytime naps, too.  She used to have this great stretch in the late afternoon and now she kind of cat-naps throughout the day for 10-15 minutes at a time.  Totally exhausting.
My DH is having major baby fever, but NOT ME.  In fact, I'm enjoying the fact that for the first time in a very, very long time (10 years? more?) I'm NOT aching to be pregnant.  Finally!  I'm totally reveling in this feeling.  I also want my sweet KJ to have all my attention for a few good years.  I want to spoil her rotten with attention.  I'm loving having her as my sweet little only for the time being.  I feel nowhere near done, but I'm in a very good mental place...
My mom and sister just left a couple hours ago, so KJ and I got up to have breakfast with them and say goodbye.  My mom asked if I'd vaccinated her and I said "not yet" and she unleashed some major fury on me.  I don't want to get into what she said - it was super upsetting - but I just sat there and said nothing.  I don't want to fight about it.  We are never going to see eye-to-eye.  I'm not mad at her; she's just terrified.  She's convinced that Polio is somehow...
HOLY CRAP I JUST FIT INTO MY PRE-PREGNANCY JEANS!!!   They're still pretty tight... I'm rocking a muffin-top for sure... but I am over the MOON right now!   Thanks for the growth spurt, KJ!
DH is an omnivore and I'm a strict vegan. DH gradually came around to the idea of raising our child vegan. We'll see how it plays out in real life. Cause I'm not willing to be one of those moms who doesn't let her kid eat the goodies at other kids' houses, etc… But in our home I'm unwilling to compromise on this issue. Veganism takes up a lot of room in my heart, and I wouldn't feel comfortable buying/making animals foods for my kid, you know? We no longer have meat in...
TONS of drooling and fist-sucking here, too.
  He does - lucky guy!
Ok so I just decided to go read our "November Chit Chat" thread for nostalgia's sake?  You know, to see our still-pregnant ramblings?  And I stumbled upon this gem, courtesy of Abra, and laughed so hard I woke up the baby:   "I met a woman once that had a pet chicken that lived in the house.  I asked her how that worked and she showed my a picture of it in a homemade cloth diaper.  Uhm, really?  Gross, just put your chicken outside where it belongs!"
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