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Isabella Oliver, far and away.  Pricey and worth every penny.  I wore one shirt my last pregnancy like 100 times (seriously, I wore it pretty much every day) and it still looks brand new.  They DO have sales that make it better... Otherwise, Old Navy for skinny jeans and Motherhood for shorts, stretchy pants, tanks.
Daisy, thanks for that info on d3 and omegas - I'll try that, too, just in case!   Crystal, ugh frustrating!  I hate when you lose that motivation, it can be so hard to force a workout otherwise.  At least the weather is getting nicer...   Today is the last sunny day here for who knows how long (rain on the forecast for as long as I can see, ugh!) so I'm MAKING myself run.  Soon.  After I finish my hot chocolate.  No really, I swear.
 Crossing my fingers so hard for you!!!
Thinking of you constantly - my sweet girl and I painted our nails green this morning!
I'm 13 weeks today! My symptoms are definitely lessening significantly (thank all that is good and holy), but I'm still craving crappy food (and a lot of it), having some bouts of major fatigue, and feeling some weepiness and irritability.  But I'd say I'm 80% better the last few days!   Yesterday I finally ran again, went almost 7 miles (over the course of a few hours, with stops for lunch and park date, so not too crazy!) - about half of that was walking.  I have a...
I think Whitley Gail sounds beautiful.  Otherwise Laurel McCay.
camotyka - why are you considered high risk?  The cramping? I'm sorry you can't keep up with your regular exercise, I know how frustrating that is.   Crystal, how was your run?   Motivated, hope everyone is feelng better!   Rainbow, so true, we have been sick a lot this season (it seems to be a really bad one for everyone) and it's amazing how thoroughly I just flip into survival mode and the house goes to sh*t.   Feeling very encouraged by today - went 6.7...
The first trimester is truly so awful in so many ways.  I am deeply grateful to be pregnant, I feel that daily.  At the same time there are some real challenges and nursing is one of them for sure.  I also feel like I can not eat/rest enough.  At night I have to eat until I'm uncomfortably full or else I'll wake at 2am starving.  Right now I'm drinking hot chocolate made from an entire melted-down chocolate bar (like 400 + calories).  And while it's not as painful anymore...
I don't think I've ever owned a scale.  I get too weird and obsessive about it, so not worth it.
Katealicia, my nipple pain was absolutely excruciating and, just like others have said, it started lessening at 11 weeks and now at 12+4 I have no pain whatsoever when she nurses.  Hope the same is true for you!
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