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 Dude.  The size of my bump is pretty much insane for being 12+4.  I looked like I do now at about 20 weeks with my first, seriously.  Besides, who knows how you'll look tomorrow?  Take it from me!
Crickets, thank you so much! Fortunately I feel GREAT today, I'm certain the crippling exhaustion and overwhelming hunger were due to the upcoming growth spurt - and now that it's happened I feel so much better!  How are YOU feeling?
So beautiful, ladies!   OK so I have to post again because this literally happened overnight:       I was wearing regular pants yesterday.  YESTERDAY.  Now they won't even zip up all the way! I had 2 days of crippling fatigue and ravenous hunger and today I woke up with this.  Unbelievable!  I'll be 13 weeks on Sunday.  They say you show earlier with your second but this is nuts!
FIbroid or not, Crickets you look awesome!   So does everyone :)   So I have been feeling awful the last few days.  Exhausted beyond belief, and ravenous all the time.  And yesterday I was wearing my regular pants.  Today I wake up to THIS:       WHAT?!?!?!?!???   I can't even zip up the SAME PANTS I wore yesterday! It's all maternity all the time from here on out.  I'm 13 weeks on Sunday. Can't believe I experienced such incredible growth so fast!
GreenBee, for me having my stress hormones bombarding that little fetus felt worse than 30 seconds of Doppler use. The peace of mind that came with that confirmation (I ended up needing a quick u/s cause my midwife couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler) was -and still is- 100% worth it.
I had goldfish crackers for dinner the other night. I haven't had those in at least 6 years... I never eat like that!
Inna, I'm from Oakland so I remember that too! Don't know how it affects us up here...
I'm with all of you.  So over it.  And we are in the super-mild PNW.  We have had a few teaser sunny warm-ish days and it's just increased my fever for summer.  I remember with my first pregnancy my tolerance for cold/rain was vastly decreased so I feel like this is part of it.  And summer comes LATE here, like end of June/early July is truly summer.  Gah I'm so ready!
Inna, perfect shorts!  Those look crazy comfy.   Crystal, I'm totally inspired by your running, as I want to keep it up, too.  Are you still planning on running a half? I'm still hoping to do the one in July... it starts super early (like 6:30-ish) so it's cool enough outside, and it's flat, and I loved it SO much last year.   phormicola, I agree, your workouts sound awesome to me!  Pregnancy is a deeply humbling experience and a chance go to inward and slow down at...
Yes, me. And one day my belly is huge and the next I feel like I look almost as I did pre-pregnancy.  I will feel tons of movements for days, then none for a day or 2 (or longer), then tons again.  It's just SO early, movement is going to be inconsistent right now for sure.  Impossible not to worry, but I promise this is normal.
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