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I wish I had stayed in the house. I've not been able to buy a home again and we've had to move several times.
I made some yummy pheasant from the freezer that my dad and son hunted this winter.  I put it in crock pot with cream of mushroom soup and served it with stuffing and peas and oranges.  They loved it.  I don't eat meat but I did eat that.
Love reading this thread... Hugs to you Josie... The birds are chirping and it is spring.  New beginnings.  
Hello- I am in Southern Illinois- We do have a birth network- southern illinois birth network- check it out on facebook- or message me privately on here and I would gladly guide you in relocating to southern illinois and help you connect to some folks here.  
There is a meeting of women tonight..... I am headed to feel free to pm me for details
I made yummy pizzas today.... I had bought some naan bread ( two pieces...)and topped it with olive oil, garlic, can of italian style tomatoes - just like a few spoon fulls and chopped kale ... a handful of motzarella and then threw a handful  of sunflower seeds .... baked for 5 minutes- soo good.  DS loved it... as did i.  I am hoping to make up some pizza dough and freeze it for meals... anyone know how to do that? I know how to make pizza dough... but not how to...
I made homemade chicken noodle soup.  claim to fame.  
That's what I am thinking...   Thank you all for your ideas and support. Right now we are excited for winter break  
Great advice Linda- and I am going to follow each step- I have already come up with a few different activities we can try. ANd I have a friend from schools mom's number- We won't be able to get together till after holidays but then we will. Also having another friend over this week. Going to go see Christmas lights and bake cookies and go Christmas shopping.  
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