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Can anyone help me become an ordained minister? I found a website that has me type my info in and then "ordains" me but it seems a little too easy. Is it really that simple? Are there classes I should find? What's a reputable website to go through? TIA for any help or direction you can provide. :)
I'm 2.5 weeks PP and I feel great. I felt great the first day, sore but mentally great. I'm still bleeding a bit and I have  a nasty hemorrhoid that makes crapping a terrifying experience. But other than that I'm good. I took a little peak of my "down stairs area" the other day and wow...everything is so...stretched out still. My tear was really small and my MW says it's healing really well.    I'm shocked at how great I feel this time because with my DD I...
Awesome job mama!!! Congrats she's adorale!
Any of you mamas who are getting antsy about going out or going stir crazy I really recommend joining (or starting!) a local MOPS group.   http://www.mops.org/   They do have are Christian based but as someone who is not a Christian I just ignore the God stuff and I still get a lot out of our meetings. They aren't all preachy or anything, but I know chapters are all different. It's nice for us, because DD gets to go play with kids her age and I get to have time with...
can you find a la leche league chapter in your area? or a ibclc that you could meet with?   to me his behaviour sounds normal. remember babies nurse not just for food but other reasons as well.
How many pee/poop diapers is he having? Like a PP said, pumping is NEVER a good indicator of your supply. Nurse, nurse, nurse, and nurse some more. Do lots of skin to skin time.Take a warm bath together, snuggle in bed together, wear baby in a wrap or other carrier (be topless if you can). There are mother's milk teas you can drink, eat oatmeal, have a oatmeal stout beer (think guiness). 
What an experience! So glad she is here and you can enjoy those baby snuggles! Congrats!
 You wouldn't suggest waiting longer for results on the dairy elimination? Everyone I've talked to about dairy elimination says it can take 4 weeks to leave mom, then 4 weeks to leave baby. 
 idk if you have seen this already or not, but i wanted to pass it along.http://purplecrying.info/index.php
Everything. I hate being pregnant, the end result is great of course but the process sucks. 
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