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If the vaccines work, then there isn't a risk for people who have received them, so the whole premise is completely nonsensical.  There is no point to suing a sick person for the failure of your vaccine, you should be suing the vaccine producer.
I've been exclusively feeding my little daughter expressed breastmilk, but I would really like to try to get her feeding from the breast.  She was a c-section and she has never latched on, hates breastfeeding positions, and seems to HATE being asked to nurse.  I've spoken to three LCs, my midwife, my local LLL, I'm at my wit's end!   Things I've tried:   Pumping until let down and then offering Offering at the beginning of each feeding Offering at the end of...
Hey, congratulations on your new little one!  I've been exclusively pumping for my daughter since she was born in November, I find that the plugged ducts are really not difficult to deal with.  I put a hot water bottle on the plugged area for about 10 minutes at a time and massage inward from the area furthest from the nipple towards the nipple while pumping and that usually takes care of it in one or two pumping sessions,   I wish you all the best, please keep your...
How often do you all think a perfectly healthy baby who is not getting vaccinated should go for a checkup?  My 3 month old has been in 3 times, she's perfect and we're not vaccinating, our doctor seems a little bit lost as to when to schedule her checkups he just goes for the routine number of visits on the normal time schedule - which is set up for vaccination - has anyone else had this issue?  
Well, this may be controversial, but my mother would rub our gums with a little bit of ground nutmeg when we were teething, apparently it brings down inflammation and dulls the pain.  My grandmother would rub a bit of whiskey on her teething babies gums to spot-numb them.  I haven't tried either of these on my teething 2 1/2 Mo. old, but the situation hasn't become desperate yet either.
We use the gpants and the only times we've had an issue are true explosions that would defy any diaper on earth anyway!  Do you use the gdiaper inserts with the pants or do you mix n match?
I use the cloth gdiapers and LOVE them; so far we've had absolutely zero issues with either leakage or buildup (I see that Twinpossible had the exact opposite experience, so I really don't know how helpful this will be).  We have 9 outer shells and 36 of the cloth inserts which allows me to do laundry every 2 1/2 - 3 days, not so bad.
I got one for our daughter, I would worry that you might have a carrier tragedy if you tried to use it on a really young baby without the insert.  Also, the best part of the ergo carrier is knowing that you're promoting healthy joint/hip/back development, in order to have that security for your 4 month or younger baby you should go for the insert, they aren't THAT expensive.
Ha! My husband just read that and was like, "he's totally right, wearing that thing is a desperate measure."
Are you BFing?  I found that my cloth-diapered daughter got terrible diaper rash if I ate dairy products.  If you are BFing it could be something you're eating that she's allergic to, diary, chocolate, wheat, and garlic are the worst offenders.
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