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Wow, what a blessed birth! Thank you so much for sharing, and prayers and thoughts for you as the li'l girls join their family :)
I'm in a similar boat with my 20 month old; glad you asked this question!
Love this post! I'm on a similar journey, with a 20 mo. old. I'm a Christian but have found wonderful wisdom in Zen Buddhism and other religious practices. There is a Zen center about 20 min away from my house; I'll go sit in formal meditation for an hour every Wednesday. It has been a challenging and wonderful experience!    The meditation I encourage with my DS is mostly when we're having quiet time and reading books. I've asked him to take a deep breath when he's...
My DS is 20 mo, so a little younger but he was getting bored with me, and I was starting to feel resentful about not having time to myself. I'm a single, WAHM so when he naps and sleeps at night, I have to work and don't get any reading, resting, meditating or time to just be a woman (not just a mommy). Even if that weren't the case, it would still not be enough for me. I found a place I trust, which is about 20 min away, and he LOVES it!!! It's a full day on Tuesdays...
 Love this post! I just put in my vote for a year. And, oh, what a looooong year it's been!
 This is great; I have the same question!
    You're right, they're interacting and bonding during that time, and they'll get up and cook together and "wrestle" a little bit too. DS and grandpa have a really close relationship.    It's a great idea to mention something that we have done that DS likes, instead of suggesting they go for a walk or something. They're over at his place during the afternoon; I can stay for a little bit after dropping him off and model some simple games. It may be too much for me to...
My DS is 15 mo; my dad watches him on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for about 3 hours each day while I work towards my degree. During this time, they watch TV together, usually kid shows. I don't know if I should let it go or not but it really bothers me! My dad won't do anything differently; I've mentioned it to him before and backed up my request with articles, etc. but he won't budge. At the moment, I don't have anywhere else to bring DS. I've thought about doing a...
I'm a resume writer; it's easier than you'd think and offers flexible hours (I work while DS is asleep). I get my business on craigslist and from referrals, call each new client and the rest of the correspondence is via email. It's not my passion but is a talent and definitely pays the bills. I end up making between $35 and $50 an hour, and sometimes work 10-15 hours a week. It is pretty inconsistent so saving is pretty important, but it's a good gig to have as a SAHM.
I would love to see any experiences as well! My DS is 14 mo and loves his bottle still. 
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