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My 22 month daughter has been having constipation for the last 6+ months, still nursing frequently. I suspect she started withholding after a really really nasty stomach bug with awful diarrhea back then. I now have to make sure she eats prunes every day or she will get terribly constipated. I also have eased up on my no juice policy in order to get her to drink more. Most days now she gets pear juice diluted with water. It's something that has to be constantly managed in...
Mine is only 21 months, but the only way dinner gets made in my house is that she "helps" cook. I would love a learning tower, but we are presently using a dining table chair with arms. She's been "helping" for the last three months, before that I had to either leave the balcony door open and let her run in and out or get daddy or grandma to watch her. Her "help" is generally pretty messy, although a large mixing bowl filed with dish soap bubbles and measuring spoons and...
Thanks for your experiences ladies, this really motivates me to try the diet again. Lately, more often than not my daughter is up nursing every 1-2 hours at night. Soon we will work on night weaning, I don't think my body can handle all this night nursing anymore! Any tips for following a paleo/WAPF style diet on a tight budget?
I guess I'm wondering when do littles start to develop impulse control?
My rambunctious girl is 21 months and now firmly in the testing boundaries phase. In the last week she has been getting quite the thrill from throwing things she knows she is but supposed to. For example, today she has sought out and thrown my cell phone on the floor at least 6 times already. When she does this she acts like it's cute to do what she's not supposed to. Is my only option still just to distract? I want to use this moment to teach that we don't throw because...
I just wish I knew where I had gone wrong in that she won't just sit down and eat. I do eat most of my meals away from her and that's not how I want my family to be... At this point I can't even get her to just sit, let alone try any of the food. I'm beyond frustrated.
I'm no expert, mine is younger and we are behind yours in this process. For what it's worth I would do the cold turkey go into undies thing. One poop accident a day really isn't so bad if you're already use to cloth! I feel she'll catch on sooner than later.
This is funny because my 21 month old daughter never asks to use the potty except after seeing me use the toilet in the grocery store. Now she'll ask to go pee in the potty at the grocery store. I line with a lot of paper and hold her on the big potty, then we wash hands.We haven't had a success yet but at least she's asking . I may start carrying with us her little seat that snaps on to the big seat.
This issue is long-standing. She eats like a champ for my MIL, eats ok for DH, but is a screaming, crying mess when I sit down to eat with her. She insists to nurse when I sit down to eat and meal times are very loud and stressful because of it. I'm posting in the discipline forum because I suspect this is a power/control issue on her part. I also know that I am equally to blame for this little dysfunctional bit. Please help!
I'm trying to cut out soy, caffeine and sugar, but it's so hard! I've just started working again and I am useless without coffee . Soy is tough too because it's in everything. And for me it's almost in vain because I'm still nursing a 20 month old and haven't had a return of AF yet... I want to see if I can make changes to my diet to get my hormones back into baby making mode.
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