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DD is 20 months now and still a nursing fiend, which in my case so far has meant no return of fertility yet. I've begun working out of the home, so some days she goes up to 12 hrs without nursing, but does nurse a minimum of 4 times over night. I get the feeling I will have to wean her fully to be able to conceive. DD is so emotionally dependant on nursing, I want to try a Weston A Price style fertility diet first. I was wondering if anyone had any successes from dietary...
I'm looking into dietary changes to help ttc as well and personally I would be very black and white about it, no soy no caffeine. I'm at 2 big cups of coffee a day so this is no small thing to cut out!
Impossible. Lol! As soon as I start working on something, even if my daughter had just been entertaining herself quite well, she'll start hanging onto my legs.
I am wondering about this now too. DD is 20 months and wakes up with a dry diaper and can say "I poop" when she's pooping and I think she refers to pee as "poop" as well. We do the diaper free thing some mornings and it just ends up with me cleaning a lot of pee. She may still be a few months out on her readiness, I think. She doesn't actually refer to pee yet, and she's not able to remove any clothing, so maybe I'm jumping the gun...?
How much miralax do you give? We are 4 days in and I suspect dd is impacted as well. I am considering giving her the miralax and giving that 24 hours to work. She doesn't seem uncomfortable. I really would rather not do a suppository again, she really really didn't like that last time... I also think shes holding her bowels now, this really sucks.
I was wondering how op's little one was doing? We are dealing with constipation over here again as well. I've decided to give her a baby food jar of prunes everyday until things start looking normal again. I'm also making an effort to get as much water as possible in her because she wasn't drinking any, only nursing. I'm currently having some success getting her to drink by mixing juice and water, but you know with toddlers what works one day stops working the next!
OP here, DD is now 18.5 months and getting better about eating. I can usually count on getting her to eat a little pbj and whatever we have for dinner. It's still not much but it's progress so yay!
Those blue dye tests should be illegal. I really got my hopes up, even though it would be a miracle as I don't even know that I'm ovulating. I picked up a pink dye test and definitely no line. Of course I will use the fact that I took the test in the afternoon to hold out hope one more day until I test in the morning again
I think maybe what is meant is that when you realize what your lo is whining about you always acknowledge and say the words for them so they learn. This is a hard time for toddlers in that space where they know what they want but don't yet know how to communicate it. It does pass, not fun while it lasts though!
Yes they were cvs brand, why didn't I just spend the $2 more for first response?? I'm fairly positive that the second test was just an evaporation line, but I could have sworn the first test that the faint line showed up right away... and I am feeling tired and my nipples are so sensitive... I'm trying to stop obsessing but I picking up my keys to go buy more tests! I'm trying to make it to next week and then test. It would be such a pleasant surprise to be pregnant now.
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