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I've been thinking of you Lisa, hoping that your little one comes soon!
Way to go Heather! Welcome baby Kellen!
Aww what a precious little girl!  And a beautiful entrance into the world too!  Congratulations demoonunit!
Wow an inspiring birth story! And your daughter is absolutely beautiful.  Congrats!!
Have we figured out a solution here yet?  I can't imagine not keeping in touch with you ladies after this little one arrives, you've all been my support!  Maybe we can have a couple of different options that appeal to all the mamas?
Lisa, just wanted to let you know I'm rooting for you!  I ditto what Juneboymom said, use any resources you have available to get your mind in the right space for the current circumstance. I can definitely understand how you feel and just know that you do have some people who totally empathize.  And there is still time Mama!  I know you have the appointment, but maybe you can keep working your husband to get him on board to giving you the weekend, and then use every...
Pilar, this is so awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you, I've been checking this forum non stop to find out the good news!  Can't wait to hear more about baby Zachary's journey into this world.  10 pounds, ouch! You're my hero! Enjoy your new baby!   ETA: And I'm still trying to figure out how to give myself a coughing fit...
Heartfelt congrats to Kaitlyn and Biophdmom!    And Pilar, I'm rooting for you over here girl!  Can't wait to hear about that baby!  Sending you super duper awesome birthin' vibes!   And where is Devaskyla??
Oh my gosh Kaitlyn have I been waiting on pins and needles to hear from you!! Sooo incredibly utterly happy for you!!  You did such an amazing job bringing little Victoria into the world.  Please keep in touch and enjoy that beautiful baby girl!
Oh wow, what a birth Jessica!  Welcome to the world baby Owen!  
New Posts  All Forums: