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Kaitlyn, my vote is you pop on some headphones and shovel snow, uphill, while dancing
Where is wombjuice???!  I know we're missing a few more too... sending happy labor vibes to our missing mamas!
Yaaaaay cedar!!!   We were all thinking of you so much!  I'm am so glad to hear that you and baby are safe, and that you had the home birth that you wanted.  Cannot WAIT to hear the birth story.  I wish you a speedy recovery with your pelvic injury!    As a side, I was looking at the belly pics thread yesterday and saw your pic at 38 weeks and thought that belly is for sure holding a girl.  My belly looks just like that, so excited to meet this little (girl?)!
Montessorimama, I'm glad that you got your groove on! Sounds like you are in a good and relaxed place (that makes one of us, lol).   Kaitlyn, I don't think I got a chance to say this on the other thread, but WAY TO GO!!! for passing your exam!!  You are an inspirational mama!   I hope cedar is at home and healthy with her LO now...   AfricanQueen, seriously I would gain another 10 lbs before this baby comes if I had a  house full of Girl Scout...
Hooray Sweet Bee!  And what a gorgeous little girl!
Big hugs to you Starr.  I am so glad that and the baby are safe and healthy, and so sorry that things did not go as you planned.  Take your time and be good to yourself, and congratulations for bringing Britta into the world!
@ chili - I turned 27 during this pregnancy, and I did not handle it well at all, so I can commiserate with you.  30 is a great age though! Still have the whole world in front of you :-)   Re: gray hairs, I sprouted a few of them sometime in the last 2 years.  My mom is 48 and has maybe 10 gray hairs max that she started getting sometime in her 40s, so I'm a little mad about that, lol.  But really, there are worse things right?   I'm hoping cedarwoman pops in on...
Cedarwoman, how exciting! I'm hoping this is it and you are holding your babe now!
Congratulations! I just want to "nom nom" on his little hands!
Thanks for sharing about your boys' reaction to their new little sister, so touching!  Warmest congratulations to you and your family.
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