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I just watched it. I feel like screaming!:
Okay, I'm hoping those of you outside the picture can help me see what's really going on. You know how sometimes you're too close to it, you can't really see? My daughter is almost 6. She has been doing this thing for that past month that is really irritating me. I'm probably going to sound heartless when I say it, but she starts crying about stuff, I think it's just because she doesn't want to do it. She doesn't just cry, she bawls like a baby. It's like, I think to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaina alot of pagan women use it. because alot of things just pertaintaing to women have the the word man or men in it including menstruation, menapause etc.. why do all of these have the word men in them when men don't even get these The "men" in those words come from the word MOON.
Whoa- I thought you meant a 5 month old baby AND a dog. Hee hee!
Don't you see, it's the men who are enslaved. They are forced to go to work and toil all day long while the women and children are allowed to remain in the comfort and safety of the home and are free to do whatever they please. Then the women and children take the money that should rightfully belong to the men since they earned it, and they spend every cent. Well, that's how it works at our house!:
I have four spaced like that. It's great fun! Sounds like you already have thought up some great ideas on your own! There are definitely times when a double stroller helps a lot. If things aren't going right, plop 'em in and get the heck out of there. When you go grocery shopping, get the "fun" cart with the two seats in the front and then wear you're little one. My kids love to have a job and to be helping- hold the shopping list, pick the apples, put things in the...
A nice compromise might be to run playgroups and have people sign up, have the playgroup (or club or whatever activity) run for a few months or so, have clear guidelines about what is required to be a part of that subgroup (perhaps taking turns to host, organize activity, pay a fee- paying fees, by the way, really encourages participation, even if it's only like $5.) Just some basic suggestions that could be used for a number of different groups. Good luck!
What a difficult situation! I don't have any answers for you, but I sure do feel for you!
Oh, i love the letter- mind if I use it if we ever need to find a new doc?
Oh, big hugs. And prayers. and positive vibes.
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