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I bled and cramped for WEEKS in my first trimester with this pregnancy.  I felt like I was going to loose the baby multiple times.  My midwife told me to get Emerita and use a dime size amount twice a day.  I never got my hormones tested, but I know that must have been it because after regular use the bleeding and cramping STOPPED!  I backed off using it (she forgot to tell me otherwise), and BAM it came back.  I got back on it and all has been well since.  I recommend you...
Ah lactatinggirl, thanks for reminding me!  I have SUPER prego brain right now.  Well I am measuring big, and baby is very active up towards the top of the uterus which stretches me out somedays.  After I posted this I consistently got 18-19cm.  My midwife on Monday got 17cm at 16 weeks.  I was measuring from the wrong place!  The high part not the top of my pubic.  Now I have read A LOT of twin mom's don't start measuring big til 20 weeks, so it hasn't been completely...
I have not!  I actually was put on a progesterone cream when I started bleeding and cramping around week 5 and have been on it since.  I do have a few sets of twins on my mother's side. Also making me wonder is  I grew obscenely fast and big, I got a positive test at 3.5 weeks, very early round ligament pains, and the unexplained bleeding and cramping...  and that faint feeling.  I could be measuring myself wrong, so I guess I'll have a better idea on Monday.
Ok I have another bump topic:  My last midwife appt was at 12 weeks and I measured 12.5cm... my next is Monday and I will be 16 weeks.  Week 13 and 14 I measured myself in the late afternoon and got decent results but couldn't feel too well because I was bloated I think.  So I stopped measuring.  Got a wild hair this morning and decided to try and BAM!  No could feel it clear as day right at my belly button!  I measured it at 20cm.     Now I could also feel the lil babe...
Thanks everyone! I figured as much, but it's a battle not to be paranoid just a tad!     I was wondering if there was already a thread here or elsewhere about whether or not to get a 20 week ultrasound...  I'm debating it heavily.  If it wasn't for the rocky 1st tri I wouldn't this time at all...
Thank you for that House of Peace!  I am sure it's normal but I didn't notice this with my first.  But after feeling like I nearly lost this one half a dozen times I guess I'm paying more attention!
OK, I am not freaking out or anything here but I feel like my bump has shrunk considerably.  Now I figure this must be because now that 1st tri is over (I'm 15.5 weeks) and so is the bleeding and cramping that plagued it, I am finally exercising and that's why.  Or bloating has slowed?  I guess I'm just wanting to talk this out... I have my 2nd midwife appt Monday.
I plan on doing lots of walking as soon as it its warmer than 13 degrees!  But I am also looking for a workout DVD, I like bellydancing too!  And yoga.  I was disappointed with the ones I bought for my first pregnancy, so any suggestions this time around?  I want a good challenge, and especially want to work on thighs and butt since they are the first to expand.   THANKS!
August 26th here.  2 days before my wedding anniversary :)
I am going for a HBAC.  My 2 year old was C-Sectioned after almost 70 hours of labor, she was posterior and never engaged.  I didn't progress past 2cm.   There are SO many theories why all this happened, but it doesn't really matter because I know this birth will be wonderful!
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