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Well.. AF was due today or tomorrow. She hasn't shown her face yet.. and no sign of her at all. Usually by now, my temp would be steadily falling. But had a slight rise this morning, even tho I had interupted sleep. I took a test today at 12dpo and it was a BFN. So at this point I'm not getting my hopes up. I already counted myself out this cycle.
Morning Ladies. I'm 12 DPO today, AF is due tomorrow . She usually comes over night, so I have it when I wake up the morning I'm due. Yesterday I had a little bit of pink staining on tissue some EWCM streaked with red blood, and some brown EWCM (which obviously is old blood mixed) When I woke up this morning I felt like AF had come.. so I went into the bathroom to change my pad, but there was nothing there. I had no blood, no ,CM.. nothing. I decided to do a qtip swab test...
Fingers n toes crossed for ya!
Stevi: Your charts lookin good still.. when do you plan on testing?
I guess I'm out Ladies. AF is due Tues n now I'm getting faint pink staining in tissue, and brown EWCM. So, I guess I can be moved to Waiting to O
Well I'm 11dpo and pretty sure I'm out. I have a feeling AF will be here as expected Tues.
I'm right here with ya! I haven't tested yet, but I'm due Tues also.
9 DPO today. I'm due for AF on Tues. Trying not to test unless I miss.. its hard lol
It's so interesting how everyones cycle varies. Cuz for me, on a normal cycle.. after O until a day or 2 before AF, I'm creamy/sticky. But the cycles I concieved both boys, I was pretty dry. Either way.. GOOD LUCK!
It's definatly infertal CM. To my knowledge its completely normal. I get it after O before AF sometimes. I vary between that and 'creamy/lotiony' Hope that hepls.
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