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Interested as well.
I would totally do something like that!   When I was pregnant with my first, I was working in a fairly high-stress environment, and lamented that I couldn't have a glass of wine to chill out after especially difficult days.  Someone more experienced than I said, "Why don't you?  A random glass of wine isn't going to hurt the baby, and it's better for you to drink the wine and relax, than to have all that stress in your body."     Lol great, now I'm thinking of...
Hubby and I have the WORST time agreeing on names...to the point where we'd actually had conversations before we were even engaged!  Our daughter's name is Willow Lynn, which I adore because it's unique without being unspellable (like our last name is, lol)  "Lynn" is both of our mothers' middle names, and I really like having a family connection.  "Willow" is also an amazing tree; growing where it's planted, tough and bendable without breaking, amazing connotations and...
Here! More of a lurker as well this time around. Plus being crazy busy with work and a nap-striking toddler doesn't help :P Must go, house is suddenly suspiciously quiet....
We used a Moby wrap with DD but found it incredibly hot (in the middle of winter!) I'm splitting a wrap with a friend and converting It into ring slings, and have a Didymos Wrappers Paradise Indio that is just waiting for a little one to be wrapped.
Wohoo! I was just reading the thread and getting ready to put in my 2 cents. I'm so glad you found a solution!!
I'm in too!!
I'm likely going to be belly binding this time around. I really didn't like how 'loose' everything felt after my daughter was born, and with having her to run after and likely going back to work shortly after the birth, I'd like to feel good.
Name: Hannah Age: 31 (baby should arrive before I turn 32 on the 21st!) EDD: July 3rd-ish (but DD was 9 days over so...) Location: Ontario -2nd child -I have a gut feeling it's a boy, or a girl who is my daughter's polar opposite. Not sure yet if we'll find out before birth. Sent from my SGH-T599V using Tapatalk
8wks and it started yesterday morning...at work, trying to make coffee which smelled incredibly vile. And I threw up in the grocery store this afternoon! Sooo glad nobody noticed...I caught most of it with the flyer and sent DH running for paper towel. From now on I'll be keeping disposable wipes and a plastic bag in my purse... It's weird because there's not really any nausea; it's more like if-something-doesn't-change-within-ten-seconds-I-will-throw-up. So far the...
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