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does advanced maternal age (hah!) have a significant bearing on the odds of having a child with autism/aspergers? anecdata- i know a mom who gave birth in her early forties whose child is PPD-NOS. then there is another friend, late thirties, whose child presents as NT. if you don't mind sharing, how old were you when you gave birth?
i was talking to another mom today and she mentioned that KG paperwork requirements include reports of a full physical check-up apart from the usual immunizations. is this correct? does this apply to public as well as pvt schools? thanks so much for your help!
for about a year now, i have observed that the flow during my periods has been getting lighter and lighter. i have also put on about 7 pounds in the last year, dry skin and hair, increased hairfall. my diet and sleep could be better, age (37) might be a factor. cycle length varies between 24 to 26 days. ovulate very early, about 9 to 10 DPO. lately, ovul signs have also been variable. question is, will this have a bearing on my ability to conceive? has anyone been...
  I am curious about how your child with Aspergers presented as a kindergartner, especially at school and in social settings with peers? At what age did YOU suspect and why? Appreciate your input!
that is what i thought initially, too. and was sympathetic , until i saw her with two kids she spends most time with-they were all being loud, no sensitivities there. it's the kind of dynamic that you observe going on for some time. reactionary and excluding to certain kids she does not like. incidentally, i am wondering about sensitivities (of a different nature) in my own child. but, that is another thread. high-pitched screams grate, i agree. his is more like 'excited...
i didn't catch where the OP said the new kids were being mean. seems to be the other way round.      
the OP's situation does not sound anything like what you have experienced. in fact, per OP   so, some sensitivity, understanding and cooperation can go a long way.
and this is a problem because   -they are of a different race -they are adopted -they are not athletic -they are angry and frustrated about being excluded for all of the above.   y'all are not exactly sounding real welcoming of the new neighbors. the fact that the mom got emotional before you thought to suggest a "getting to know each other playdate", speaks volumes. let the old boys continue as they are, the new ones will probably move away soon given the unwelcome...
if your child is in full day pre-k, how do they behave after you pick them up? after pick-up time, we generally spend some time in the courtyard space outside his montessori school with some of his classmates.  my 4.5 year tends to be very loud and goofy in his play, at times. today i watched couple of moms giving my son "that look" as if to convey 'look at that unruly kid'. i don't know...he's spending 7 hours in school following the rules, so maybe he wants to get some...
  Believe me, he gets attention. I am a SAHM right now, he is with me for the most part. It just baffles me, why, in spite of all the love, care and attention I give him, he still behaves like this. Take today's episode for instance, there was nothing that should cause him to be upset. If there is a genuine reason, I will and do address it.    
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