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I made the mistake of trying to be cordial with my dh's ex. Actually it was her idea to begin with and I though "How mature!".....only to eat my words. She constantly sends my dh Love Always...letters. Just know that she is besides herself with jeleousy and cannot put her own issues aside to co-parent the child. Move on and don't beat yourself up for trying -- she isn't capable. Cordial is one thing but friends is a def reach where it takes all sides to be mature. ...
I know I asked about this before and thought I'd share http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8572826/
Great info shannon and I appreciate it. I totally agree with you. Rabies every year is excessive IMO. I do think dogs should be taken care of, receive certain vax and get yearly exams. I'll def be talking to my vet and doing some homework.
Thanks for the name ideas everyone. Great brainstorming session! Hey Puppyfluffer -- don't blame you for the questions at all. First of all - Shar pei actually means "sand skin" and its very irritating to some people. Its the breed standard though. And as for the attitude, aggresion problem. These dogs were fighting dogs in China. Like chows they can be aggresive if not socialized correctly. As for the health issues -- as you probably know, every time a...
Talking to the breeder this weekend we talked about an auto-immune disease thats becoming prevalant in dogs. She made a good point that dogs get vax every year for life. I hadn't thought of it that way and was going to check my homework on this. Anyone else know anything about it??
Well I'm glad to hear that. I don't care much for the actress. It seems like she plays the same character every role she gets -- herself.
We picked up our 9 week old Shar pei pup from the breeder yesterday. I think I'm in love!! His name is Rei (like Rye bread) and he is so sweet. Mostly eats and sleeps like a newborn. Precious! http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c208/lunamia808/a.jpg
My shar pei is going camping with us Memorial Weekend -- its easy if you plan ahead and it sounds like you've covered all the bases. Enjoy!
Great advice and I agree with it all. We just got our Shar pei puppy from a breeder. IMO the only way to go is either with a breeder or rescue/pound puppy. Pet stores are PUPPY MILLS. Overpriced animals that are not in the best of health not to mention cruel practices that they use. My 9 week old loves his crate already and sleeps in there very happily right now. I was amazed at how quickly he took to it actually. I didn't have that much luck with my boxer! It...
Hey I'm the bad guy in the house too! But this applies to the animals, the kids and even dragging dh to the doctor and dentist when need be. Its a heavy jacket to wear I hear ya... :
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