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I'd like to hear how everyone got pregnant - or how you are "trying to" and how many times it took before actually becoming pregnant? Frozen? Fresh? Thanks in advance! Randi
Where is that?? Is it a forum on here?? **sorry, went looking for it and can't find it!* Thanks for the book recommendation......we should get that! I've heard a lot of good things about it! She tracked her basal temp for a LONG time....... and also we mark the calandar all up........so we have an "idea" Thanks again, and look forward to getting to know you and others! Randi
My partner and I are talking about starting our next TTC cycle the beginning of next month! WE are excited! It is so emotionally draining though. In the past, we have traveled 1 hour roundtrip to our "doctor's" office - adding stress of returning to work, and then having to get off the next day etc for the insemination. A PAIN! This time, we have decided to do it all natural......at home.......with just her and I. We are going through Northwest Cryobank (and before...
Anyone here a doula/midwife that would be gay friendly in the Northwest Washington area?? OR know of one??? Thanks in advance!! R
I am so glad to have found this spot on the internet - refered to by a midwife forum. Its hard to find forums for gay parenting - VERY tough! My partner and I will be starting soon to try to get pregnant again. We are very excited! I'll post more about myself.........but for now will try to just catch up! I look foward to meeting you all!! R
I am glad to have found this forum! I was referred here by a midwife forum My partner and I are going to try to start getting pregnant *again* - starting early next month. I'll post more about us in a bit..........but am glad to have found you! I look forward to getting to know everyone!! R
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