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She did have a cash amount. It was a couple hundred dollars less but I don't recall the exact number. She mentioned that she has to pay the billers so I completely understand having the different amounts. Also since we did prepay an amount (not the her entire fee), I would assume that the amount she had prepaid was enough to cover her business costs so it wasn't like there wasn't any money in her pocket.    
Quote: That is not true in this sitation. The amount of money they paid the midwife was $3,300. I added it up from each individual claim. Part of the $1,200 was my deductible and part assigned patient responsibility (I neglected to mention that in my initial post).   She explained the financial arrangement verbally without any mention of deductible or patient responsibility. Just "this is my fee and I'll refund you if I get enough from the insurance".     She billed my...
womenswisdom - I notice your sig indicates that you a birth professional. Have you heard of midwives having such contracts? She explained it so simply that I feel like it was a bit of bait-and-switch tactic. My responsibility was part deductible and part assigned responsibility due to coinsurance.
I had a homebirth with a midwife. She gave me the option of having her biller bill my insurance company. I have a PPO plan and was thrilled to have a homebirth be affordable to me. Her set fee was $3,000. She asked for a payment of $1,000 by the 36th week of pregnancy and talked of a refund in the event that my insurance company paid her more than $2,000. Her biller nickled and dimed the insurance company and my midwife received $3,300 from them. She is now saying that...
Are there any birth professionals willing to give me a bit of their time through PM or email? I have a question about a midwife situation but don't want to share details on the public forum. I don't want to be identified by the person about whom I am asking.
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