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I knitted a rug from old t-shirts (with the largest knitting needles) and  a few baskets too. I made underwear from t-shirt as well. Curtains from flat sheet. I am not sure how to add photo from flickr -it seems like it wants image url, and flickr doesn't allow direct link to the picture, because they want it to be linked to their webpage. But you can see them on my photostream at flicker.com/feltingme .
I try to make as many household products that I reasonably can. I make my own bar soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, lip balm, bug repellant, etc., and I use recycled packaging, when possible. I make my own herbal tinctures, and so far I didn't need to buy bottles, because I reuse the ones I got with bought ones. I keep jars with wide mouths, because I always seem to need them for my made stuff. I even asked my friend to keep me empty glass lotion jars and...
Dishwashers also use electricity, not just water. So it seems, that hand washing wins.
I would say they both have their advantages, but recently I prefer crochet since it is much more versatile in my opinion. The major advantage I saw before I learned about slip stitch crochet was, that knitting generally produces softer, more flowing fabric. But with slipstitch crochet that advantage is gone. Ravelry has a group specifically for that type of crochet, and you can look through the pictures there and see, how it looks. You can do cables and lots of things that...
Thank you for sharing this.
Eye contact is a crazy thing, because we can focus just on one eye at the time anyway, and then we have to choose which one to look at. Some people get very uncomfortable, if someone looks at their "third eye" -between their eyes, even though that would be logical place to look for the eye contact.
I read about it, and I am wondering, if you know more about it. I am glutein intolerant, and I am pretty sure my mom was (and because she never found out, she passed away from intestinal cancer), and I am wondering, if our high functioning autistic son might have the same problem, especially since he has other symptoms like bad dermatitis on his scalp, eczema around ears(though not as bad as, when I started him on cereals, when he was a baby). And in some ways he doesn't...
I think it might be ONE of the factors from hundreds.
I prefer not to eat before workout, because I have the most energy before I eat anything.
I would start with loving yourself and your body. Whenever you catch yourself critisizing yourself, change it with appreciating your positive aspects. When you come close to the mirror, intend to find some nice things about yourself. When you do that consistantly, you will be inspired to workout instead of trying to push through. Our bodies naturally love to move. But when you dislike your body, it does, what you tell - resists anything that keeps it healthy and beautiful.
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