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They are all the same. This is not a choice.
  Awesome book, very helpful. I do like smoothies, or shakes. I put all sorts of things in there, from tofu, to chocolate, to cucumber and berries. I try to put a fruit and a veggie in together. It's a great way to get a child to drink something that they normally wouldn't want. I find that if my hubby and I are excited about a food (this is going to be sooo good ), then the children usually want it. It is said that it takes 70 exposures to something to get someone to...
   I haven't seen any posts that are against crunchy parenting, what are you talking about?
Oh, can you share a recipe for dandelion jam?
  I totally get you. I'm right there with you. Why do women judge each other so much? We should be supporting each other.
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