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Hi everyone,   It's been quite a while since I originally posted this thread. I've been waiting long enough and want to take the MRT test; however, I thought I would bump this post once more to see if anyone has any experience with the test recently.   I also heard the elisa/act test is accurate but I still think the MRT is the way to go. Anyone have any positive experiences with the MRT? Thanks!   EDIT: They're quoting me $595. Has anyone found it cheaper...
Any update on this? Has anyone else had success with the LEAP test?
In my experience, neither. You usually have to find a nutritionist/holistic doctor. Or order it directly.
I forgot about this thread... But it seems as though LEAP is the way to go. I heard that they were updating their machines and that they would have a longer list of foods they would test for (in my opinion their smaller list of foods is a con compared to ALCAT). Any news on this?
I was planning on using the ALCAT test to find foods I was sensitive to, but then heard about the LEAP MRT (mediator release test) which was apparently made by the same guy who made the ALCAT test, but it's newer and supposedly more accurate. The website is not very informative, and I can't find much information about it on the internet (articles or people's reviews etc.). Has anyone here used it before or heard any good things about it?
Has anyone else used this? I was going to use ALCAT but then read that the MRT is much more accurate. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
  Well I forgot to mention that he did say that if a person has been avoiding gluten, the test will not be as accurate for gluten. Perhaps the other poster generalized and said you do have to eat (all) the foods? I don't know. It wouldn't make sense that people show an intolerance to a food they've never eaten (which does happen), unless you accept the test as being highly inaccurate. Also, assuming ALCAT is lying, why not stick 100% to the "you don't have to eat the...
I contacted ALCAT today, and I'm now more inclined to use them. The man I spoke with was very knowledgeable about the test. He told me that unlike other food intolerance tests, ALCAT does NOT require the test subject to have eaten the foods that are being tested. So if there was a false negative that was just a mistake (but one out of 100+ or whatever isn't bad IMO). Hopefully I'll do this test soon. I feel like I may go all out on the Platinum test but I don't know if...
Well is it worth it? I'd rather pay for a test that is actually accurate than a test that is cheaper but bogus.
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