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Looks like some people have been making some great comments   http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-november-30-2011/bono?xrs=rss_recentvids  
i believe Bono just advocated for circumcision on John Stewarts show OMG what can we do????
I think piles of bird poop by the front door and mailbox are gross. We remove nests that are in the main places we walk - they always find another place to lay their eggs.
Thank you
I'm new to facebook and have been trying to figure out what you are talking about - how do I find pieces of flair??
[QUOTE= But then I also freak out if a car has been behind me for a long time because they might be following me home to kill me. [/QUOTE] Totally laughing at this! Me too! I have plans for just such a situation. Paranoia is grand.
We go to Gilman Village in Issaquah - like a mall but outdoors - mine are only 2 and 4 this year so it's still not a super big deal to them yet - we do not live in a neighborhood and I am glad we have somewhere to go -- we only get a few peices of candy - there is a fabulous toy store there (White Horse Toys) that always gives a neat toy - and we practice good manners and look at the other costumes -- for what it is worth I think it is really weird to go into a community...
Thanks for reading and posting. I will likely never bring this up with her. I do not know her husband at all. Because she has seen my stickers she knows where I stand. What good would it do? We willl be in preschool together for several more years and I am sure it will come up someday and she may explain why he is circd and she may not. I guess at that point I will take it as an opportunity to educate on the matter so that she might encourage her son and two...
Listen to him tell the story as many times and as in many ways as he wants to. Talk talk talk. Hmmmmm homeos - rescue remdy, chamomile, valerian root - not really sure those are what I give my kids -- calmes forte?? mostly talk about it though
New Posts  All Forums: