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I don't expect a lot of traffic on this thread - I just want to get it out. This is going to be stream of consciousness writing - not my best work. I have made some good friends at my co-op preschool. We have a sibling watch program too - it is a great plan for our children. I have 2 stickers on my car - 1 says "If men were supposed to have foreskins they would have been born with them." and the other is CIRC with a line through it. Not one person in two years has...
Adam Carolla had twins almost two years ago. He was on the fence about circing and talked about it on his radio show. Ultimately he did decide to cut his son because Dr Drew told him it was far healthier and culturally appropriate. Terribly sad that so many young people look to him for advice and he has such disdain for the natural penis.
Did he happen to pay with a credit card??? Your CC company should have insurance for this. I think it's worth it to pay the fees if the buyer asks for them just for this reason! Good luck. Carla
i really don't understand why it's ok to buy used diapers at a premium price and not ok to use undies that have only been used a couple of times boggles the mind
I guess that I should have noted that i am a threakiller
I don't believe for one minute that there is a genetic reason Jewish women have lower rates of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is most often a result of unsafe sex with other behavioral factors sometimes involved. People who are Jewish, while not all are observant, many are or have been at some times in their lives religeous. Religeous people in general have less sex outside of marriage and/or fewer partners. Thus less chances to be exposed to the HPV virus that...
This probably doesn't belong here but when i travelled recently they had also changed the policy on walking through the security check weraing your baby. I used to have to totally remove the baby and send the carrier through and hold the baby out - it was weird. This last trip they just waved me through - once with the ellaroo and once with the ergo. Much faster and more convenient. Carla
It costs a little extra but you can totally get a passport fast - i did - just look on the websites or go to your passport agency -- not a problem. You have to first pay for an expidited birth certificate though - that you can get in 2 days then do the rest. good luck carla
13 years - we were married in less than a year after meeting and then were having such fun we didn't have lids - then we did -- this week we are celebrating my second son's 1st and my 40th!!! big party here!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaina huh? sorry shaina - they say something like - "we gave everybody two t-shirts" and then one is a t-shirt and one is actually a spaghetti strap tank and at the end they are supposed to say which one they feel most comfortable in after using their product but they are not two t-shirts!!!! one is and one isn't it just bugs me
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