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shave my head and i only cut my hair once a year!! no cheese or no sex for one year
love it mac n cheese n ketchup
i don't need but i want want want a big huge house!!! it has always been my dream -- especially with gigantic bathrooms - a room for everything and lots of guest rooms - we are in about 1100 now which is really plenty but it would be way cool if when ds gets older we would have a room for playing - a rec room - because it rains here a lot and we can't always play outside
My ds had his 6 month today too. The pediatrician said nothing like that at all!! She encouraged us to try foods like our mushed up table food in the 6-8 month time. She said that when he gets his pincer grasp to feed him some small soft foods that he can easily pick up and mush in his mouth (cooked carrots, cooked peas, peaches...). She said that a year we should be starting to eat about three solid meals a day. In no way did she say to back off on breastfeeding. ...
there is a toy at costco that totally cracked me up - so i came home and checked out the show -- my ds is just shy of 6 months so really showed no interest in the show -- i thought too of sid and marty and my youth - and i am glad i don't have to have that on in my house everyday, though i am sure in years to come there will be equally irritating shows anyway i just spent some time at the website after reading this thread and my ds was glued to the screen as i explored...
A Knight's Tale!!
i want my ds to be held as much as possible -- i get to do this all day and all night if i want - dh holds him as much as he can after work -- if in rare moments someone else would like to hold him and he remains ok with it i take a break to shake my arms and stretch my back and know he will be back with me very soon -- sometimes i even get to eat something without rushing! i haven't encountered smelly or dirty people yet though but i am sure that i can clean ds up - and...
in the early months i wore ds deep in a sling to protect him from germs as he was 6 weeks early = now that he is 5 mos i wear him all the time so that he can have face to face interactions with people - they can't help but grab his toes or hands or pat his head - and he loves all the attention -- no one is ever meaning to harm him -- i think there is such power in physical contact -- people are passing on good energy and positive feelings when they touch him or me - i...
i just wanted to say that i am so angry for you right now -- you and ds experienced something i worry about all the time my advice is to write everything about the experience down asap while it is still fresh -- you can go back and edit and add quotes and references later - just get all your thoughts down now so sorry that happened carla
boric acid - not a lot - up in -- works for me -- monistat will be fine though too : )
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