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Well it was the first time in 2.5 years we have had the bed to ourselves. But of course now that we have enjoyed that I need to get them to bed. They are sleeping so sweetly though I just don't want to move them. Give me a "You go girl!" and I'll take them to bed and this thread can go into oblivion!
Absolutely brought some peace to the house!
Gawd I hope know one I know reads this!
Dr. Drew is very pro-circ. I used to like him now I don't.
i think this might work for you - folkmanis puppets - check it out - and i'll bet you can find a co-op before christmas http://folkmanis.com/Frames/4Charact...boyblackhr.htm http://folkmanis.com/character.htm
Thank you all so much! There are some great ideas! I think that I am going to go with a ring and a lunch date. Later I'll get her some special organic girly body care products too. This is for my niece (I have two boys!) and I really want to take her to get her ears pierced but can't until she is 13. She is only 10!!! She sounded like such a little,little girl when she called last night to tell me about it. Oh - feeling a little verklempt(sp) again. Thanks Carla
I know there have been threads about this very subject but I cannot find them. I guess I am using the wrong words to search. Does anyone have any good ideas for marking the start of a young girls period? Links?? Or can someone link to the old threads? Thank you. Carla
Sometimes in that situation I take the route "Thank goodness circumcision isn't medically reccommended anymore - huh. One less thing to worry about in the hospital. I just can't imagine having to send my baby off to get part of his penis cut off! I am so glad people know better these days."
Thanks everyone!
Any good book reccomendations for talking with 5-year old about where babies come from.
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