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The first thing that I thought when I read your post was that you probably had someone other than the usual midwife measuring you. Sure enough! I think consistancy is a key to these types of things. I would not give it one more thought or worry. The back-up midwife mis-measured and mis-spoke it sounds like. Take care. Carla
For me the absolute minimum I would have would be a New Native pouch sling and an Ergo back carrier. The next I recommend is some kind of wrap - see Ellaroo or similar. Of course I have an obscene number of carriers (20+ - yikes!) and I love most of them. The Ergo is one of the most expensive (around $92) and will be the most versatile between people and sizes I think - so that would be a good one to have someone offer to buy. Cool offer!
In an ergo - on my husband's back!!!! LOL
Hi -- I have been using my Wonderoos exclusively for about a year and a half or so. About 6 months ago a handful of them stopped snapping. I know they are guaranteed against this happening. I have tried to reach Jessica in the last month or so through a number of ways. The Wonderoos yahoo group and 2 different e-mails I have found. No answer unfortunately. I am having another baby in about 2 months and with 2 in diapers I will need all of them in working...
Chiropractic is great throughout pregnancy. And by the way, if a massage therapist could press someplace on your body and send you into early labor do you really think there would be such a business in pitocin. If you find someone who can start labor with pressure points send them my way - I have some marketing ideas and we could make millions!!! Hope that didn't come off as too snarky - I didn't mean it to be. Take care Carla
My ds will be 2 and 3 months and my mother will be picking him up when I go into labor. I want all the attention in the house to be focused on me! There are precious few moments focused on me now with a toddler in the house and as soon as this baby arrives even less I am sure. So for those few hours I want all the love and energy to be sent my way only. Take Care Carla
Yep - I agree - that breakfast would have killed me. I have GD but it would have thrown me even when I wasn't pregnant. Bananas, pancakes. syrup and OJ is nothing but sugar and carbs. You must get protein at every meal and snack - cut out refined sugars all together. Cereal is not a great alternative. Check the box even of your most healthy cereals and you will see there is usually about 40+ grams of carbs per one-half - one cup serving! Who eats only one cup of...
I am also seeing Valerie and Ali at PSMBC - we are all looking forward to a lovely homebirth this time since my water broke 6 weeks early last time and I had to go to the hospital. Anyway - I think they are just wonderful. Best of luck to you. Carla
Out of curiosity I have also discussed this with my peircer and tatoo artist. I was in having my belly ring removed during my last pregnancy because it was stretching too much. Neither would do it during pregnancy. The main reason they gave wasthat the body should not be forced to focus on healing something uneccessarily when it is busy growing a baby. Seems reasonable to me! These guys seem more obsessed with cleanliness and proper procedures than any medical...
I have just one anecdotal reason in favor of a 20 week ultrasound. A good friend - very healthy, easy pregnancy... - had the 20 week check. Everything looked great except they could see there was an extra ureter off the kidney. Sometimes a problem, sometimes not. The info was there though and they knew what to watch for. Sometimes the ureter does nothing and sometimes it can actually leak urine into the body causing big problems. Anyway when the baby was a few...
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