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I had a cotton sarong that i clipped at my hip with a hair clip -- but I also spent most of the time nakid. Carla
I wear one while fat so why not while pregnant -- LOL!
I am not showing yet this time but my last pregnancy people touched me all the time - even complete strangers. Only one of them (a male co-worker and friend) asked permission and I freely gave it. I guess I am different than most people here in that I don't mind it at all. I have always felt extreme positive energy coming from hands on my belly. People have sent me such positive loving baby vibes and I have enjoyed seeing their joy in touching a growing baby. I am...
I don't know what your insurance will cover but try the miidwives at the University of Washington or the midwives at Evergreen. Good luck!! carla
I think you should always trust your instincts. Go in and have her check the heartrate again. You don't need to be worried about this and it seems to me that you are going to keep worrying until you get some reassurance. It is nice that your midwife wants to put your mind at ease but it would be even nicer if she respects your concerns and invites you to come in and check things out as often as you need to feel comfortable. Take care and trust yourself. Carla
I so enjoyed the first swap. I am all set on diaper supplies so here are some other fun ideas. Dog Train : A Wild Ride on the Rock-and-Roll Side (Audio CD) Sandra Boynton Book - Mothering the Mother: How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier & Healthier Birth by John H. Kennell , Phyllis H. Klaus , Marshall H. Klaus KEM Arrow Plastic Playing Cards or other new decks of playing cards I like all scents of California Baby Bubble bath Can't think of...
I was sure sure sure that I felt the baby moving about the other day --then about five minutes later a semi painful and obnoxiously loud fart was passed. Bummer. Oh well -- I saw the little guy wiggling about yesterday on an ultrasound so I know s/he's in there and busy.
Trying to be Pollyanna here - At least you know you're not pregnant and can enjoy the wine, raw fish and a hot bath!
I am still producing plenty of milk there is just also colostrom I believe. I noticed that his poos became much softer and stinkier and difficult to clean. I looked for info when his poo changed and found this http://kellymom.com/nursingtwo/faq/16milkchanges.html "Colostrum and stool changes in the older nursling If your older nursling is getting a good quantity of colostrum (either before or after birth), the natural laxative effect of the colostrum may cause...
Another reason I am not terribly happy about nursing right now -- Toddler Colostrum poop is sooooo gross and very hard for me to deal with when I am feeling nauseated! Carla
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