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wooo hoooo!!! well done LdybluNh! I don't have time to read it now but I'll be back! Thank you so much. I was just about to break down and spend $12 on a pattern. Frolix
okay I know nothing about sergers but from sewing machine know-how (limmited though it is) many problems are related to the needle being blunt or loose or not place correctly. It may not apply ...
thats a great idea! how big is the opening of the terrarium so you could get the stones and ferns into it. I know I've got some apple juice glass jugs in the garage - I think they are 7 litre in size and I'm wondering if that is big enough
anyone know why one would go for a pyramid if you have a pole?
LdyBluNH - well you must have a great mind I just can't figure out how to do the corners. Any ideas?
oceanmama, ragtime quilts are made patch by patch with all 3 layers at a time. you sew together the front, the batting (middle) and back of each patch. when you have sewn together all the patches your quilt is complete. AND the patches are sewn together with the raw edges all out in front! which are then are cut into like tassles and when washed in a machine they fray. You have to use flannel to make this 'tassling' work properly. Quilts are very soft and QUICK to...
lala - that such a cute dress! I wish I was together enough to photograph and post stuff. Jeez, getting any project finished is such an achievement. I have recently finished 2 little dresses, and a pair of shorts. I'm trying to make a hand puppet which has been lots of fun. Wish we could all have a crafty aftynoon.
good points sofiadefrance. Jem, I don't know if this applies at all to your situation. Some of the best advice I got form a mom up the road when I was expecting my 2nd child and my first was 2 and a half was to let the older child literally 'roll around' in the baby's stuff. She put his little clothes on her teddy bears and used his blanket that was especiallly made for him. It was hard for me at first but I thought it worked excellently to demystify 'the baby'. She...
I go the the local quilter's guild with my neighbour, even though I don't have time to quilt a stitch. I saw a ragtime quilt there and my obsessive MUST do this brain centre has kicked into action. Surely one doesn't need to buy a pattern but I cant find one on the internet. Can anyone recommend internet resources for this type of thing. Has anyone actually make one? Or want to?
I agree, capitalism is winning over feminism in having the greater influence on the family and the role of women in society too. Yay! to the achievements of feminism as outlined by starling and the many other things feminism has given us too. I do think however that the goals of feminism have been conflated with the goals of capitalism at times. And this is okay because as feminism is rising from the ashes she is becoming a stronger bird, if you'll excuse the...
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