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I didn't have any of the testing with #3 or this one. It wasn't worth it to me, as my first two showed no problems and any outcome wouldn't change my mind about keeping baby or the pregnancy.
One alternative is breaking it up by a high powered ultrasound. I do NOT want to do that!
I guess these decisions wouldn't have to be made for us if we all lived off grid. ;) Who wants to come with me?
And not just deaths. Yes, death is tragic, it happens. What about irreparable DAMAGE done by epidurals and the provider that administer and control them?? I haven't heard of deaths by epidural, but definitely paralysis, septic meningitis, cerebral palsy permanent loss of feeling, permanent back pain, higher chance of fetal distress, higher chance of c-section, baby is drowsy, jaundice. The list goes on.
It's not clogged (milk went away and I stopped nursing about 4? months ago). I'm just freaked out about having low supply after I have baby if I have this removed. And it has to come out or it will get bigger. It's already making the skin around the bottom of my areola kind of tight. 
I have had this lump on one of my milk glands since not long before I conceived my youngest (my 2 year old). Since then, it has grown… ALOT. It went from about the size of a small coin to the size of a nickel when I conceived my now 2 year old. Thought it was just a milk gland growing, no biggie. Then it grew some more as the pregnancy progressed. By delivery, it's the size of a quarter and when my milk comes in, the lump causes a clogged duct and a mild case of mastitis....
I got flamed for saying on a mainstream page that the epidural was more "experimental" and dangerous than water birth. They said I was JUDGING women  who use epidurals. Um, sorry, I'm just using fact here. Epidurals are proven to have WORSE outcomes than natural births. More likely for episiotomy or vacuum extraction, prolonged pushing, risk of having back problems, higher chances of c-section. I haven't seen water birth give these kinds of results. There is no caution to...
What To Expect website might have more women who choose not to breastfeed as well.
How awful! I'm glad they figured something out and hope he'll be on the road to a quick recovery soon. 
Mama, I already feel like my belly is huge for 26 weeks. TWENTY SIX! I've still got 14 to your 10. lol Sounds like you've got a good amount of fluid in your baby's sac. At least you know digestive tract and kidneys are doing well. :)
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