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I'm sorry, Joanie! I missed a friend's birth last week. She had her baby 2 weeks before her due date and I was supposed to go to Kalispell tomorrow, when she was 39 weeks. I had promised her 8 months ago that I'd be there to photograph her birth. :/ Babies come when they want and babies sleep when they want. 
Go home, iPhone! You're drunk!
My thoughts and virtual hugs are with her. 
The pain was right where my fingers were. If the pain happens again, I'm going to go see someone. My annual is coming up anyway. Would it be worth looking into cysts, though?
you wont know how we do it until YOU are doing it. ;) It's a secret. :P
Ya. After I got my period, I was like gosh, I hope to goodness the birth control isn't causing me to have cysts. (heard so many stories it's not funny) I haven't had problems like this before. Is this usually where discomfort occurs during ovulation for those that do feel ovulation? (this is on MY right)  
So I got my AF back yesterday! I know that that's not usually something to celebrate about, but I really wanted off of birth control so we could practice NFP. My cycles are always spot on 28 days long  and it's really evident when I'm fertile. Is it normal to HURT when you ovulate after 23 months of no ovulation? Two days of sometimes outright PAIN (it almost felt like an obstruction it hurt so bad) and the rest of those 2 days was dull aching. 
Ugh! What a horrible way to go. :( I'm so sorry for your loss, Nichole.   Amanda If Levi has a diaper on longer than usual, his gets irritated and I put him in a baking soda bath (sometimes a breastmilk bath if I have some extra) and keep a diaper off of him as much as possible.
Here, you can find almost NO regular daycares that will take your child unless they're vaccinated. It's mandatory.
Yay for a new year and for wonderful, crazy dreads! today is day 1 of my neglect dreads and I think I might already need guidance. lol I can't stop picking at tangles in my hair and I fear this might make it harder for my hair to dread this way.
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