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I can't seem to stop buying now that I've started. lol I've gotten my tinctures, birth pool, 3 carriers, clothes, I have some diapers ordered, nursing bras, carseat. Still haven't gotten my birth ball. I think I'll get two, so my sister who is expecting 9 weeks before me can use it during her labor. Her baby shower is tomorrow so hopefully I can run and grab one.
Mine should be there Monday, based on tracking.
Im so sorry for your loss. Thats awful. I hope this birth can be healing for you.
Just got mine out today.
We plan to have SOME type of backup plan, someone to come, in the event something happens, but as it stands if everything goes normally, no one else will be here.
For those that dont have childcare plans for labor do you have a type of checklist youll do for them to make sure theyre cared for during labor? I just thought of this as i dont think ill have anyone available to come help Well except for hubby.The two people that are close and that i trust obe is due the same day as i and the other was due the same week as me and suffered a loss so im respecting both of them by not bothering. What sorts of things would you make ahead of...
I would make it clear that those who visit your house that thy are there to help you out in any way they can and getting to hold baby is icing on the cake. Maybe they can hold baby while you have a much needed relaxing shower.
Youre not being unreasonable. Women need their space during and after birth so theu can feel safe and comfortable
I would suggest they borrow one of yours for a little bit to see if they like it better and if they do, maybe get a lightly used one for them as a gift. It would be a good way for them to become curious and research it themselves. My sister is having her first baby in April and has an Infantino on her registry. I'm hoping to GOD that no one gets it for her. I'm going to get her a carrier that will be better for her baby and has a higher weight tolerance.
Don't forget about LEGOS! OMFG I hate those things! My oldest(7 years old) wasn't allowed to get those small legos before because 1) choking hazard and 2) step-on hazard. Yeah… lol
New Posts  All Forums: