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What about first having her camp out on the floor for awhile, then eventually camp out int hallway outside your room?
1. Have any of you done counseling if you are having a tough time ttc? No, I did not see a counselor but I did go through some very dark days and a good therapist might have helped. I basically relied on DH for support (which was hard because I know he was hurting too). 2. What can I expect from the wtf appointment? All I know is that the gyn brushed off my concern at 6 mo and said, "see you and your husband back in 6 mo if you're not pregnant" (I am seeing a different...
Totally agree with this. I was ttc for 3 years and had a lot of work stress the month it finally happened. I was really beginning to resent the "relax and it will happen" comments because it inadvertently put the blame on me for not being able to conceive.
While he's calm, have a talk and ask him what kinds of things help him feel better (he'll probably need some guidance). Deep breaths, taking a lap around the dining room table, etc. and then when he's upset remind him to try one of HIS suggestions. Model, model, model. Don't let your emotions get the better of you! If you're upset, talk it through (I'm so frustrated, I'm going to take a deep breath to help me calm down."). I would also ignore if he starts to perseverate....
I'm curious what was considered detrimental about preschool? I think for children who will be attending elementary school, preschool can be beneficial. I've worked for several public elementary schools and there tends to be a big difference between those kids who attended preschool vs. those who did not. I'm talking socially. Unfortunately, kindergarten is so academically focused that there is minimum focus on social and emotional development. A preschool that focuses on...
Also, adults use extrinsic motivators to help break habits all the time. "I can eat birthday cake if I make healthful choices all week." Finding something to help motivate us to make a positive change is not wrong, unrealistic, bribery. It's a helpful coping strategy when done correctly.
Reinforcing "good" behavior is far too subjective and abstract for a LO. Also, reinforcements are meant to increase positive behavior, not decrease negative. Children should be presented with a clear, concrete reason for getting a sticker, token, etc. For example, "I put my toys in the bin" is more doable than "I cleaned my room." "I talked to mom when I got angry" is easier to "get" than "I was good today." Also, I agree, reinforcement works best for a 5yo when...
I get an extrinsic reward every time I go to work. It's called a paycheck ;-) Reinforcement is not bribery, it's acknowledging good choices in a kid-friendly way. Of course, the sticker alone is not enough. The child should always be told WHY he or she received a sticker along with a hug, high five, etc. this will help the child learn exactly what needs to do to earn another.
Thanks ^. I was thinking one year, as well. I was feeding DS last night and all of a sudden DH's arm landed on him. I don't know if he was purposely trying to cuddle or if it was absent-mindedly done in his sleep, but either way, I did not like it. My BFing mama radar immediately swooped in and pushed his arm away, but it's true. Men just don't seem as aware.
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