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I feel so blessed bc my husband has gone above and beyond my expectations. He's been so helpful. I was also surprised by how seriously he took stroller shopping! It's as if he's getting HIMSELF a new toy.At times, I don't think it's fully hit him 100%. He's so happy, yet it still feels surreal. It's affected me more, bc I'm obviously feeling it more, but sometimes we just look at each other in complete disbelief that we're actually planning baby things. It's wild.
Great idea Dia! How far along are you? 12w6d How are you feeling? Exhausted and easily out of breath. The nausea-from-hell has dwindled, but still feel it here and there if I haven't eaten for awhile. I also easily get heartburn and had a lovely skin breakout a few days ago, but it's healing now. Also, I wake up a lot during the night and am always having vivid dreams. Have you felt movement yet? No, but I'm always trying to. I sometimes feel like I sense the baby is...
Welcome to mothering. Have you taken any medications (such as fertility meds) this month which could have caused a cyst? Cysts may also appear without meds. Are you sure you certain you ovulated when you normally do (any stress, good or bad, can delay ovulation)? My periods are like clockwork, but I've had an odd month. I know for me, when my period come late I feel physically awful/sick until it comes. After 16 days, a hpt is going to be very accurate, so it's unlikely...
Yay! Congrats mama!
So sorry to hear you've been dealing with that stress. I've had some spotting here and there and although the baby is fine my heart just about stops each time I see blood and I convince myself it's over. Turns out I have a polyp on my cervix. A good friend of mine had a full-blown pseudo-period when she was pregnant. We'll never fully understand the mysteries of pregnancy. Glad to hear your LO is okay.
Congrats mama!
Unfortunately, that often happens and it's probably a little of both. These agencies have limited funding and a lot of overturn and playing the system is really not that difficult. It's a damn shame. I'm glad to hear she has good people in her life who are trying to help. At least that's something.
Gossamyr - I'm so sorry you have to deal with this pregnancy without a reliable partner. It sounds like a lot of us have dated this guy. Unfortunately, you're now stuck with him for life. Don't take care of him. Take care of yourself and your child. Sounds like you have a great mom, so you're NOT alone. LLQ1011 - the child you describe is being neglected and abused and both the guy and your friend would be considered at fault. I hope you don't look the other way and make...
While it IS early to be experiencing all those symptoms (implantation usually takes at least 6 days, sometimes longer, and you aren't technically pregnant until you implant) it is entirely possible for you to have conceived. Even if you ovulated on the 2nd, it is possible for sperm to live in your body for 4 days. However, as adaline'smama said, you might have ovulated earlier or later than you think.
Personally, anytime I had any spotting so close to my period it ended up being af. Some months were just "off" and I'd get excited for nothing. I also avoided early testing because it's so easy to rationalize an early, negative test as being taken too early and the obsession continues. This is not to say there is no chance you could be pregnant. You absolutely may be. It just took me so long to conceive that I eventually became so over the 2ww and thinking everything my...
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