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Thank you. I'm definitely going to the doctor because is it still continuing :).
Thank you both so much for the advice. Me and my boyfriend are not in a rush to get married. Mostly because of me. I have 4 older siblings, and three of them have been divorced. I figure, if you already have that amazing relationship...it doesn't matter if a piece of paper makes it "official." :)....Sorry I haven't replied back to these sooner, but I've been busy with work....but I have read your responses early. I did talk with him...he asked me if we were trying to...
Thank you so much for the advice! :) He has never done that before, but he has gotten a little weird when he doesn't sleep. I have talked to him about it a few days ago, and we made an agreement if it ever happens again he will go to the doctor. I now find myself making sure he is taking a nap before work, and keeping our bedroom dark so he can sleep as long as possible when he comes home. We've only talked about it once...he's very embarrassed of this situation. Oh, and...
Yeah, I'll definitely look into all those. Thanks :)
So, I was debating on putting this up...I made a promise to my guy that I wouldn't tell anyone we knew. This issue is stressing me out so I definitely need to ask advice about this anonymously and let it out. My boyfriend works graveyard shift. He works from 7pm to 3:30am...comes home, takes a shower, and then goes to bed around 5am. Yesterday I had an MRI appointment that is 2 hours away from our home. He actually took the whole day off for this. However, we had to...
Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are 25 and in absolute love. We do plan on getting married someday also. However, he wants me to have a baby. He said we should start trying. As much as I would like to...I'm definitely a little scared. Back in December I had to go through a miscarriage...and it was very hard emotionally. I still think about the due date till this day. I have back problems, and even though I haven't had a "flare up" of pain for a few months there's that...
There is no discomfort or itch. However, I've noticed that I use a whole panty liner up when I'm at work. Like today it happened again, so much that it affects my underware also. At work, I pick up heavy boxes and on my feet all day. This isn't normal spotting for sure. It's heavy, but then is spotting. I'm confused.  
UPDATE: Since last night the spotting lightened up. This morning when I woke up it was non-exsistent. I'll update if I start spotting heavy again later on in the day. Still wanting any advice or ideas of what this can be :)
Thank you :)
Hi everyone! Just thought I'd say hello, and that yes I'm a newbie :). I'm looking forward to giving and receiving advice.
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