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can you provide the link?  I looked through those forums and it didn't catch my eye.
How soon did you have feelings of being pregnant?  What is the earliest you ever had symptoms with a pregnancy?   4 weeks would be when you were due for your period (trying  to standardize the answers)
I'm curious too!  Where is everyone.   I'm up to 6 kids now and was looking for some meal inspiration.
I had a very sweet mother's day as well.  I loved all of the homemade gifts my girls made and dh made me a great breakfast.  He also added onto my Mother's Necklace.  I was surprised at that. 
I have a puker.  Though, cross my fingers, he hasn't done it today.  Otherwise, twice a day he empties out his entire stomach contents and manages to soak a blanket and outfit.  It doesn't matter what position he is in.  He's been started on some prevacid so I'm hoping that is kicking in. 
Those pictures are the sweetest!
I started out at 189 and made it up to 116.  At time of delivery I was already down to 112 because of being off my feet.   I'm down to 191.  I'm hoping to be down to 180 by my 6 week appt and maybe 170-175 by the time I return to work so that some of my regular clothes fit again.
http://www1.avera.org/avera/Deleted/vs5-migration/amck/services/birth/babyphotosdetail.aspx?BabyId=0680e3b4-a096-4f99-ae53-c99a2de7f113   He likes to eat alot.  I really don't feel like my milk has come in yet.  Maybe that's normal for your 6th baby?  I just don't feel like I've become engorged.    
The weight is by the perinatologists who have a track record of being +/- 1/2 a pound.  Not the usual 1 pound.   Kids 1-4 were all inductions for going 41 weeks.
40 weeks today.   I'm set up for my induction on Wednesday evening.  Though they are predicting a greater than 9# baby so I'm trying to wrap my head around the possibility of a c/s as well.  My doctor wanted to induce me last week because we finally were clear of chicken pox, but my parents had baby sat them the week before and then came down with influenza A.  Last week they all had fevers and coughs so we opted to wait.  Now it will be almost 2 weeks later and...
New Posts  All Forums: