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I do agree that it's better to be able to communicate in more than one language more than being fluent and perfect. Our kids are bilingual and understand a bit of a third language. Hubby speaks a bit of his first language to them, but not enough. We all speak my (and the kids) first language at home most of the time, but sometimes we switch to English. English is second language for all of us, and since we no longer live in the US, we have to speak some English to...
I know - that's the way it is here too.  
One of my sons just bought "100 Cupboards" by N.D. Wilson today. He started reading, and so far he seems to be excited about it.
I was about 9-10 weeks pregnant.
Yeah, yours will be kind of close ;-) You'll get the strange to handle it. And it's smart not thinking too much about it.   When I got preg the last time, there were two again. I remember even then - with the kids being three years apart - I was a bit overwhelmed. Good luck!  
I love this thread! Thank you for all the good suggestions. My nine year olds are running out of English literature, and we have to get hold on some new. Hard to get them where we live, but I can probably order them form Amazon or iTunes. We are also very fond of audio books and listen a lot in the car.  
I got pregnant when the boys were 2 years and 4 moth. Our little daughter is born 3 years and 3 weeks after the boys. This is quite good for us, but sometimes I wish they weren't that much apart.
Good to know! :)
- "Do twins run in your family?" Yes, they never walk.   Well, I have forgotten a lot of the comments. But we had the indeed. I was thinking about making myself a t-shirt that says something like this: "Yes, they are identical. They are both boys. There are no other twins in our family I do nurse them both I can tell them apart They have different names They are a great blessing to us They give us more than double joy I am proud to be a mother of...
Thank you! Now I'll start looking for the "One and the same" and probably also the "Multiple belssings".
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