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Hahah Great! I'm not the only one. At one of the attachment parenting groups I went to the topic was about play. And how if we get into their world it's good for them and is a stress relief for us. I just can't seem to forget all the things that as in my head and play. It's sad. It makes it that much harder to get into something with him. He doesn't like to read books much ( unless it's 8 or nap time ) I can do puzzles, but that's just a out it at the moments. Everything...
Really. It sounds horrible. But it's boring. And I have stuff to do. ( i am not an overachiever, nor is my house clean) and by stuff I mean food, a primary basic thing that I can barely get on the table. What is wrong with me?
Old navy .....huge, Carter's 2t is he, ok, but short. He's three. Old navy jeans work because they have the elastic, though they seem to be a bit longer. They do bulk up on his but I'm wondering if any girls pants would do. This is so sad....
This has been covered everywhere. People suggest different brands that have adjustable elastic (doesn't help much since his but is so little, looks very bulky)   But what about sweat pants?! They fall off his but and are huge. As a three year old, he looks very silly in 2T pants that are too short, plus its getting cold.    Thanks 
I'm sure this has been covered, but I am in such a rush I don't have time to search.   I'm concerned most about the bacteria. I'm pretty sure the top of the mattress is polyester or something because nothing will soak up in to the paper towel. I did have a mattress pad but it wasn't waterproof, so some of the pee went into that. I put baking soda on it to get rid of the smell and dampness and I will vacuum.    It just drives me nuts that I can't the the pee out...
Do the terry towels make clothes pilly? 
I have to say that I kind of pick stuff from the huge pile. I don't separate, as I separate as I go along. Come to think of it, I probably don't have the same criteria every time I do laundry. I usually have a lot waiting....The reds usually wait for more reds (or towels, our towels are in that color category) . This is why I always have laundry to do that I constantly sort in different ways. Identifying the problem is half the solution right?   I also notice that...
I'll try that. I always have water, but I usually don't ask him if he wanted any since I assumed he would get it from nursing. But I will try that.      On a positive note....last two days were good.........maybe it is molars after all. 
I was wondering about the molars maybe, because last night was totaly fine. If it was an infection if would not be so finicky?
He cries AT the breast, which I don't understand.   I don't have an issue with him sleeping through the night I guess - just that he is crying at night
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