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tri31- Can you post a link to the facebook group?  
I have a killer headache and have since he was born.   I've tried- massage, the chiropractor, sinus medicine, the neti pot (does help a bit), taking naps, acupressure (which does help), trying to let the daily stress melt away, magensium, stopped my placenta pills a week ago, cut out dairy, even tried exedrine migraine and it didn't do anything.  I don't know what else to do!  I had a drug free delivery so no worries about that.  The chiropractor said she thought that...
My boob hurts!!! I have a blem on my nipple.  I've soaked it in epson salts, done warm compresses, and poked at it with a hypodermic needle.  It is throbbing.  I was at the Dr's office the day two days ago and I am going to wait until tomorrow to call in hopes that it gets better. Anyone else dealing with this? The kelly mom website has great info and I hope I am doing everything right.  It is a lot of work and very painful.  Now I think a lot of the pain is from...
So tired.  I was doing fine up until this past week.  My baby is five weeks old.  I have been staying up later to spent time with my husband, which has been fun and good for us but I am missing those extra few hours of sleep.     I take B vitamins and the placenta with herbs.  I have been too tired to exercise this past week which adds to the exhaustion.     I also use cloth diapers but wonder if I should use disposables at night.  Anyone find that their baby...
Beautiful birth Country Girl!  
I have been walking for a couple weeks now, about two miles a day on a flat road.  I am 4 weeks pp.  The pregnancy center that I go to gave me a handout with pp exercises that I could do right away.  I haven't had much of a chance since my baby wants to be held constantly or be in his stroller.  The exercises are all pilates style, gentle core strength- lying on your back, holding core muscles in and breathing.  Also standing flat against a wall and doing a little squat.  
I am so sorry you have to go through this.  I feel for you!  
My baby is three weeks old and I am still bleeding.  I have been feeling really good and have been super active lately but every time I do anything then I bleed more.  I spend some time every day laying down and being mellow but I need to walk and get out.  I'm really over the bleeding but it just is what it is.  
Yes please!     I drank a little bit of wine a couple nights a week during the end of this last pregnancy.  I had extreme nausea the whole time and for some crazy reason wine helped ease the nausea.  I would have about 2 tablespoons max.  I would even drink it out of a shot glass measuring cup to know how much I was having.  Now that the baby is born, I get stomach aches from tension and I will have a small glass of wine and my tense stomach ache will go away.  I...
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