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I suspect there are plenty of celebrities who don't vax, but don't speak out because of possible repercussions to their careers. But the web of deceit around the safey of vaccines seems to slowly be unravelling.
A blonde with the brains and moxy to question the powers that be? Dangerous, indeed.
Had a friend message this to me today. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/04/13/vaccine-safety-choice-parenting-editorials-debate/7682095/
18. Second hand smoke!!!! Blech. I've been a non smoker now for many years, but I apologize to everyone I've ever subjected to my gross habit, to the environment for my endless littering with cigarette butts and our beautiful air that I polluted.
I tI tested the waters like this at my kid's school with a parent regarding the flu vaccine...ends up she's a non-vaxxing parent, the only other family I know of in the school whose children are vaccine free. Sometimes it's good to 'test'!
Funny enough, the product photo on the Tylenol.ca website does not show the wording "effective for .... Immunisations"....but it is there...I'll have to take a photo of it.
It drives me batty that you can have a study like this done, and yet Tylenol boxes here in Canada have right on the box "effective for immunisations".And from the Tylenol.ca website product description:"For over fifty years, parents and doctors have placed their trust in Children’s TYLENOL® for fast, effective relief of fever and pain due to toothaches, immunizations, colds or flu."
Another Canadian newspaper article, this one from Calgary.... http://m.calgarysun.com/2014/02/07/alberta-health-services-officials-say-three-of-four-people-diagnosed-with-measles-were-already-immunized “These recent cases had milder illnesses than they would have if they weren’t immunized.” Says who? What constitutes a milder illness? Where are the measurements of the illness?
I originally started researching vaxxes when pregnant with my eldest because my hubby's niece had a severe reaction after her first vaccinations. (I don't know what vaxxes she received, she was born early 80s). My BIL and SIL never vaxxed her again, or her baby brother. When my eldest was born, we decided to delay, as long as we felt necessary. Just before she turned one, hubby had to have a hep b vax for a new job; he immediately had welts so large under his arms that...
New Posts  All Forums: