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I live in the land of Fairfield County wannabees where the new houses keep getting bigger and bigger and every child is "advanced" for their age.
We have only one tv and regulate what the kids watch. I didn't let my youngest watch until she was 2 and she hasn't been very interested anyway. She likes the Wiggles, but only watches for a short time and then wants to do something else. My 6 yr old ds would watch more if we let him. I would never let one of my kids have a tv in their room, I don't know anyone who has done this and had good results with it. They complain about what the kids watch or the kids staying...
Yes, but it wasn't until after nine months of bf that all the extra weight STARTED coming off. Before that I lost some of the weight, then hit a plateau. I know it was the bf that finally helped because I only bf my first for 5 months, it took a couple years before I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I was in my 20's then. With my last child I was 44, it turned out I had a thyroid problem (hypothyroid) and the weight still came off with ebf. I know it doesn't...
You could just take flax seed oil or grind up the seeds. I give my 2 yr old the oil and take it myself. His tuna recommendation is out of date. I forget exactly what the recommendation is, but it is much less than he says because of mercury levels found in tuna.
My oldest is almost 19 and I think that other forms of discipline are LESS likely to work as they get older. The more close minded and punitive you are, the more likely they are to tune you out and rebel. At least you are carefully thinking about what you do, I don't think most people do. Just my .02 cents. I don't really understand what having more than one child has to do with discipline methods. Yes, you have less time, you are more tired, and maybe have to...
I just skimmed through the site but OMG!! Who are these people? They seem to be on a mission to discredit La Leche League. One other thing, if a woman's breast milk contains pesticides etc. wouldn't it stand to reason that any formula or commerical baby food would too? Or anything you made their homemade formula with?
I like Gus, it goes the best with Charlie (which I love, btw). Hunter is nice, but it is becoming very common, at least where I live. You had Harvey on your other list, did you ever consider Henry instead? I have a Henry John, it is a great name that also goes well with Charlie.
Connecticut must be a lot more uptight than Colorado. I have never seen a toddler nursing in public here. It is really an act of bravery to even nip with an infant here. I have only met one mom outside of LLL who was nursing past a year. I guess I am also pessimistic about it becoming the norm, but who knows maybe we are headed that way.
On our 2002 taxes it was 70%, that is great if it will be 100% for this year. That is what you have to be careful about. Our supposed deductible was $3000 (maybe 3,500-it was 7 years ago). The rest that we had to pay out of pocket was a co-pay or something similar. Ask a lot of questions so you know exactly what you would pay out of pocket for a major accident or illness, especially if you would be hospitalized. I had surgery and was in the hospital for 3 days.
Just a warning. We had policies in the past with the really high deductibles. No maternity coverage and when I broke my leg we ended up paying $7000 out of pocket. We were paying $300 a month for the policy. The rates also went up dramatically every year. You do pay retail for doctor visits under those policies and it is much higher than insurance companies pay. BTW, coverage is now 70% deductible on your taxes if you are self-employed. If our rates go any higher...
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