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Looks to me like something I had a few Years ago. It was an old bug bite or wound that never healed completely. It hurt like the dickens if I bumped it- a deep pain ya know ? I saw a dermatologist who removed it. Be we'll- Aj
  "Floradix is a liquid iron supplement that works FAST if taken diligently."   I second this.  I was anemic with all my pregnancies and found this was the best help for me. I took 1/2 capful every night with 6 oz of prune juice (just in case!) and to help the flavor a bit. It worked wonders!   hth
Oh Jack!! December 19th, 2010 I gave birth to my 5th child, a boy!! Jack Daniel and he was and still is a total sweetie!! That Saturday night, about 11pm, after all the kids went to bed, my DH and I went to get into bed and I said, "Tomorrow, I don't want to be pregnant. What can we do to get things rolling?" Jack was due Dec 5th.  So DH, with his handy I Phone (shameless plug) in hand, Google "pressure points to induce labor" and found this site from Australia who...
It's been some time since I've posted. I think since last year after my 5th baby (Jack) was born...4th uc. I've lurked but have honestly resisted posting, because of the uncomfortableness of some threads. Although I think I may have information to share, I stop because having journeyed from baby #1 hopsital birth to baby #5...off the grid...I have become more reclusive. I am an expert with my body alone and wouldn't want to steer someone from UC or towards UC for the...
Thanks for your sweet posts!   He was 10lb 5 oz and 22 inches long (Not my biggest either!). Labor was really strange. I'll try to write the birth story this weekend while its still fresh.  I love this shot- he is so skeptical of all his sisters, and rightfully so! 
Greetings! Today at 300am 12-19, Jack Daniel arrived. The labor started at 1242am and ended at 300am, just as I predicted-literally. I am pooped, still contracting but he's nursing like a champ and is so freaking cute!   and we're done! 4 girls, 1 boy- we're done.
my last UC was 2 hrs. I am hoping I am one of those mamas who go to sleep, then wake up with a baby in bed. Sleep through the whole thing!
thank you so much Ms Black. I know babies always come, but this time, he jsut seems so content to hang out! I go to bed thinking every night "this is the night" and I get so depressed when nothing happens. My prodromal labor is sporatic and frustrating. BUT I need to stay outta my own way. He's moving slowly now- but still joyful of the peace inside my belly, as opposed to the chaos of 4 big sisters dying to meet him/her!  
I am 10 days overdue and R E A L L Y  wanna give birth. The baby is totally head down, punching my thighs. every night I am in quazi-prodromal labor. I say this because I get maybe 4-5 breath through contx. Then they petter out and I am antzy. What is weird is unlike the last babies I uc'd, this one seems to be comfy with me, and I with him/her. I mean I am uncomfortable, but getting used to this mass on my front. BUT I am a b*tch. I am so cranky! We tried a...
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