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Oh! I wanted to tell you! There's a trojan brand magnum THIN condom.... :) :) :) My hubby has a lack of sensitivity from circumcision, and he definitely says they're the best of everything we've tried. Haven't seen the crown brand ever though.... The lube with the condoms is a big deal too........ :)
you gotta buy them though! my husband won't buy them because he's all embarrassed about it, like if a guy buys them they're going to be like yeah right, but if a woman buys them then she probably needs them.... so stupid! but don't ask him to go out and buy them or if you do, and he doesn't get them that's why! makes for a nice surprise too.... hey! look what I got you! *surprise* makes for a fun into to more fun. :)
I guess it depends on if the baby likes it....? :) I kinda stayed away from trying a lot of that stuff because we were practicing attachment parenting and wearing baby to soothe and things... But my daughter would have probably liked something like this, she was the fall asleep on the floor while you're chatting with another mom type newborn.... I earned it, my first didn't sleep and screamed for the first 14 months... But my girl might have loved something like this. :)
Oh! Gotta get food grade clove oil... most of the stuff in the aromatherapy oils is NOT. :)
Man that's a lot going on mama... :) Well, it's only temporary, it really doesn't last forever. I didn't start getting even enough sleep (like any) until 14 - 17 ish months... teething is brutal...   Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps; I know that's something we hear with newborns, but any time you need more sleep, that's the way to do it. :)   Clove oil will numb a tooth coming through, but it tastes nasty.... If baby is cutting teeth and you both need sleep,...
Should check out some of the homebirth resources on this site, they might help you find someone. :)  
I have always made a point of bathing my baby with me. :) I love taking my baby into the bathtub with me to bathe them. I have two kids, and I miss it now that we don't all fit in together. Also! There are some cool bathtub bottoms you can get that are bumpy and not slippery, they rock. :)  
It really is okay, it happens a LOT. :) I'm glad he's not hurt, but seriously it does happen quite often. I always thought it made me feel better to know I wasn't the only person something had happened to like that. :)
even if she's strapped on to you? like literally with a baby carrier of some kind?..  
I know it tastes absolutely horrible, but it's safe to use food grade clove oil. My kids seem super sensitive, and my husband and I both are very much so, so I've used clove oil (as well as benzocaine before I knew better) for helping at night. There are some good homeopathic products out there that we've used to, the Hylands brand is one of them. Homeopathic remedies are safe just because they're given in doses of like .001% or even less... :)
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