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Agreed.  Plus,  formula samples recieved and distributed by a health care facility sends a message that formula is an acceptable substitute for breastmilk.  Too many pediatricians and maternity wards speak "from both sides of the mouth" when dispensing the samples (or other 'gifts' from formula companies) saying, "breastmilk is best" but also "here is something other than breastmilk to feed your baby". 
Poor family!  I can totally empathize. I had a similar experience after a c-section, the little boils (but more like 7 of them, including two infected glands) in my groin area.  Due to my high fever, I had to go "western" on them and spent three days going to the hospital twice a day for IV antibiotics (clyndmiacin, sp?) then a 10 regimen of doxycycline, while pumping and dumping and feeding (thankfully) donated breastmilk to my 3 week old. Very lucky it did not spred to...
First post: I have to share this one!  I was nursing my 22 mo old (don't know what the "d" is for in dd? so I am not using it?) on our living room floor while playing with my 5 yo niece and sister in law.  As soon as my girl got in my lap my SIL said " let's go, Elsa has something she really wants).  Offended, but unwilling to deny my babe her snack/cuddle time, I nursed her in front of them.  My (formula fed) niece walked all around my body, "where's the bottle?"  "why...
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